SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / theft of customer database and sabotage and solocitation of customers

Contact information:
Phone: 6464577105

This company is a complete fraud theft of customer database from Salvage World he does not marketing does not pay for any marketing. He stole over $5, 000, 000 worth of targeted customers from Salvage World and all he does is email blast everyone with a list he stole through hacking the database and having a mile Jose Cambronero in the company. He conspired for months on how he would steal the data and have a multi million dollar company for free. Please watch out for his brookly address, has an alabama address. He does not have proper salvage licenses or agreements iwth insurance company auctions. He has hired and indian company to scrape photos and does not have direct fees. He is also going by the name OMH auto .net and OMH auto .com

Everyone one is using a ficticious name including his fiance beth leffel, his bank accounts in new hyde park long island under his friend Eric and he is in brooklyn nothing makes sense here and his license if he has one is out of Alabama. He will newsletter you to death.. Any funds or sales he has made was because he convinced customers to leave Salvage World a reputable company with hundreds of thousands of sales..

Please also look at that none of his logos are consisten on the site he is too cheap to pay to get them verified.. Whenever you click on a bbb logo, or paypal logo or secure mc affee logo it needs to link you to a registration number...

this man is a fast talker, prior mortage sales, he runs boiler room operations.. watch the movie boiler room.. He does alot of drugs, mollies, narcotics, cocaine, steroids has bi polar personalities.. the minute he does nto get his way he will tell you to screw yourself and hang up the phone... watch this man do not send a single dollar ot the ofllowing accounts he does not even have credit card processing he is using pay pal..

The website has no substance not much about them.. there is no about us section and all this is ### below.. You can use a more reputable company like Copart and their brokers Salvage, and many other sites.. Salvage World and Ridesafely have the largest inventory from 5 publicly traded companies in the United States.. Alex has no contracts with any insurance company.. If you look at the photos on his site you see total resource auctions.. the guy is full of ###en ### and custoemrs of his already posting on scam book 2 months in business.. contact me if you have any questions on the theft or contact me if he has solicited you to purchase vheicles form him...

they will lie and tell you they purchased your data or your email from lists..t hese lists belong to salvege world no one else from google ad words advertising.. BE CAREFUL DO NOT SEND MONEY TO THIS COMAPPANY


He even convincned me after I purchased cars from Salvage world after I found them on google and became a member to come on board with him and handle sales... I did but I did not know the customers were stolen from salvage world. I am advising all my nigerian brothers to stay away from Alex and just go to one of these other companies...

WE DO NOT BUY UNITS AT PUBLIC AUCTIONS! Our inventory comes from private, closed to the public insurance auctions. We are a direct State Farm Insurance reseller. You also have access to inventory from major car rental companies including Hertz, Avis and Budget. With over 30 years experience, we will navigate the entire process from beginning to end.

In addition to the 65, 000+ units you see online, our group has access to an additional 30, 000 units that are not available on the site. Please email us for access to these units.

With Quality Assurance you can negotiate the price on dealer-only inventory in advance with one of our concierge specialists, and have the confidence that you will get the car you have been searching for. Price comparisons to public auctions are available to customers upon request. If you find a car lower at any public auction, Quality Assurance will adjust your invoice to that price. GUARANTEE

Feb 28, 2014

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