Q4im / Avoid Q4im or James Quin like the plague

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I have a small computer hardware shop and I do most of my business online. I contacted James Quin, the so-called "SEO expert" at after finding him online. He talked up a good game and about how he could help me get good SEO ranking in the city of Tempe and even state-wide internet exposure that would turn into more sales for me. I was convinced he was the right guy for the job and bought one of his SEO campaigns. I've been regretting that decision ever since. Not only has he done nothing to market my business online, he stopped returning my calls and emails. I realize he's a busy man, but it's been nearly 6 weeks since I've heard from him! I haven't seen one mention of my business on Google and feel like I've been played for a chump. I'm now $500 in the hole and don't know if I'll ever trust an online SEO company ever again. Beware: Don't make the same mistake I did. Avoid Q4im or James Quin like the plague!


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