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Wow, I'm just shocked by the appalling customer service I encountered for my order. The woman who called me to confirm my address was busy chatting with a friend, hence not listening very well to the answers to her questions. The friend continued to try to speak with her. I said her behavior is rather unprofessional, and asked for her name. She then refused to give me her name, tried to hang up without even telling me when to expect my delivery, then told me she will ONLY stay on the line to finish her job if I speak to her as she would like. She finally told me I can file a complaint with customer service, and as I asked her for the phone number to do so, she hung up. She was unapologetic, unprofessional, and only conditionally fulfilled her job. Just wow. Alisa's job is literally to represent the company to customers, as CUSTOMER service, and I'm not impressed. It reflects badly on her company and also the company's partner,

Mar 18, 2017
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  • Wa
      Jul 09, 2017

    I have yet experienced the worse service delivery again with your delivery people.

    Q Express has sent me a text message on Saturday the 8/7/2017 @ 08:17 to say my package is out for delivery, after calling them several times and being promised this package will be delivered up till now this package has gone home with the driver you can actually ask them for a print out of how many times I have called them. I have to say this is the worst ever service delivery I have received in my life to be LIED to strait in my face.
    This package was a gift for someone I even told the driver that I will meet up with him that's how important this package was, he kept saying in 30min I will be at your place I have waited 2 days at home for this package and still have not received it.

    I will never pay for a package online again if needed I will rather pay by the door as I noticed that as soon as my money has been paid into your account there is no service delivery.

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