P'zone / False advertising

1 United Arab Emirates

So, here I was trying to decide what to order, when I spotted the new pizza sandwich 'P'zone'. Yummy, I thought, it's packed with meat, cheese, peppers, onion oh the list goes on. So, I placed my order and waited.
To my delight I saw my order on its way to my table then, ...What he hell is that on my plate???????? A pizza sandwich, it looked disgusting, it had crusty burnt bits of something for the topping, If I'd have dropped it on the floor it would have broken the floor tile!. I plucked up the courage to cut into it to be greeted by stodgy pastry, three tiny balls of processed meat, and slime for cheese, no onion, no peppers...YUK, YUK, YUK!!!
This is one of Pizza Huts major disasters, take it off your menu if you value your customers. Dissatisfied customer, Abu Dhabi, UAE


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