Pyramid/Today's OptionsIns Claims

When we file a claim with Pyramid, we know without a doubt that it is going to be processed incorrectly. The incompetence of this company and the processing of claims is unbelievable. So after having 10 claims in 1 week deny incorrectly, I called Provider Relations, and was told that she could not help me because it was claim related, but she could transfer me to MANILLA and they would be able to assist me. So don't call PROVIDER RELATIONS if you have a Provider problem, because they CAN'T help you. Once you are transferred to MANILLA, it is a 2 hour ordeal trying to understand them and vice versa. Pyramid is collecting premiums from AMERICANS, not someone from MANILLA. The money they are collecing is AMERICAN money, not money from MANILLA, but when I request to speak to an American representative, I am refused that request because Kim in MANILLA doesn't have an American phone number to give me. The Americans that are paying premiums to Pyramid/Today's Options are paying that salaries to people in MANILLA, perhaps if companies such as Pyramid/Today's Options employed people in American the state of economy would not be what it is today. If people would stop participating with Pyramid/Today's Options perhaps companies such as those would get the message and take care of the people that take care of them financially. AMERICANS

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