PYO Travel (MY) Sdn BhdPending refund

On the beginning of the December month 2014, i booked 2 tickets from KL to Kch during cny period, flying return by MAS. They collected a payment of RM945 for 2 person return tickets. 2 days after that, the sales person told me that there was a mistake on his part and RM945 was the price of one return ticket. He therefore promised to refund back my money without any charges. It has now been almost 3 months and yet i receive no payment. When called to ask for payment status, they keep telling me that it is being processed andi would receive it soon. When i ask another person, they said it was being withheld. I called my issuing bank and they confirmed that no payment was received. It is a credit card refund. They played me by telling me that it is being processed, approved and released but yet it is still being withheld by them for no reason! I have already reported this to NCCC, but still no action taken or seen. Please refrain from making any booking from this company as they are NOT reliable despite being the sister company of Reliance Company. If there is any other way to get back my refund, please advice. Thanks.

Feb 16, 2015

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