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Babus in India are still far from even minimal accountable, Inspite of highly corrupt, and plundering the funds, and people crying but yet they remain masters of all they survey. Till this accountability is enforced, and culprits punished severely, any pious move to Make in India will remain a distant dream. There is much much too too much security of service because you cannot touch even criminals, except for occasional and stray case like Yadav in Noida. Here also, Yadav will be left off, Govt satisfied to collect income tax on the amount recovered, rest will be allowed to be enjoyed by him, may 1-2 years jail terms. Imagine, to earn 100 crore Yadav must have incurred loss to Govt of at least 1, 000 crores by a single person. Who will compensate the public funds ? Even this 100 cores haul is ever expanding, and may yet exceed 1, 000 crore, with yet many lockers to be opened. And loot recovered from others named in his diary. At least this person has been detected, there are similar cases like this, may be on slightly smaller scale, in Public Health Ambala, where inspite of funds received for around Rs 400 crore, 80 % tube wells in Ambala remain dead for periods ranging from two to upto 28 months, and the rest are delivering abundant supply of water with freebees like insects, bones, sevrage water, people facing health problems and medical bills, and department merrily embezzling huge amounts in name of emergency repairs. In an RTI quarry, PH shamelessly claim that every tube well breakdown is repaired within 24 hours, and each and every tube well supplied with chlorinated, clean water. Where is there any accountability, matters referred to the Haryana Vigilance or CID does not make any progress, and of course, non actions from its own Engineer in Chief, and departmental secretaries does not initiate any improvements, or even explanations from the culprits. I am forwarding this letter to CBI, but here also till state of central govt. does not ask, they are bound to remain mute. If raided, unaccounted amounts far more than Noida Chief Engineer, will be found from collective Ambala PH authorities, right down to SDO’s, JE’;s Accountant, and even peons. Serious documentarily evident complaints made to every senior authority in Public Health does not bring forth any serious actions, not even a single acknowledgement – leave aside any explanations. Because they are 100 % mired in corruptions, and find it better to remain silent, having nothing else to explain. To make Make in India project any worthwhile, the Govt both at Centre and States must be far more attentive to the public problems splashed widely in newspapers. At least 30 big newspaper reports in national papers in Ambala does not constitute any complaint, because in RTI quarry, PH claims there are no pending complaints. What a mockery of Achhe Din Aa Gaye Hein. Suraj Parkash Tuteja [protected]

Jan 12, 2015
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  • Su
      26th of Jan, 2015

    The complaints are made only against non cooperative authorities, , and complaint on your or any one else site, does not bother them, till you follow up aggressively. Else you are not only confusing and harming the already suffering complainants by giving them a sleeping dose.

    Suraj Parkash 9315879780

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