PVC Fencequestionable practices

My wife and I decided to have our 1/2 acre yard fenced in with the vinyl style fencing. The salesman seemed okay, and the price was acceptable. There were small issues at first, "a couple of weeks" for the job to start turned into "five weeks". When they finally started the job, they completed the entire project in one day, and I thought that was probably rushing it. Also, I had the same problem that someone else had on this web site, moveable unstable posts, and I know for a fact that a lot of them do not have any concrete around them. I also noticed that the gate posts were the only post I could find that seemed to have concrete. Also, they did not install the stainless steel inserts ino my gate posts, and did not tell me that, even though I paid about 100.00 for each one. I found this out by drilling through the posts, anyone reading this might want to do the same thing.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Springfield, VAWhen I called them on it, they said it was an "oversight" and they would need to order them, that doesn't make sense to me. If I had not been suspicious I would have never known they were not inside the gate posts. Also, there were a lot of concrete bags on the truck when I arrived home at the end of the day of install, which I thought was weird, since you would normally pack what you were going to use that day. When they came out to put in the steel inserts, they did not call and tell me when, which I had asked, and the gate is now crooked, I will probably live with that. An easy way to see if there is concrete around a post is to hammer a large plastic tent stake down next to the post, the only post that I hit something hard were the two gate posts, there are sixty posts, so I did not try all of them of course. They will be fixing that situation, and maybe the gate too.
Honestly cannot recommend the company.

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