Purple Panda Essayworst writing service ever

I made an order in their site for a programming project in my c++ class. I chose the 3 hours option and gave them the details of my order .

After 2 hours they still did not find a writer . then when I told them they said that a writer was finally found . and updated me that the project will take longer since it's " Complicated" . So I waited for almost 9 hours ..!!!

and they kept telling me that the " Writer " will finish it soon . Then when I asked them after 10 hours . They said that they DID NOT FIND A SUITABLE WRITER !!! although they told me just before that they already have one and he will finish soon ..!!!

Then they told me that if I give them 6 more hours they will find a good one and he will finish it by then... So with no choice I said okay ... So after 6 MORE hours I finally received the order ... AND WHAT A MESS!!!

It already looked completely wrong when I saw it. and I'm a beginner ! When I tried to run it THERE WAS 32 ERRORS!!! and beside those the whole order WAS WRONG!!!

It was as if a really bad programmer tried to make it and gave up in the middle !!! AND THIS IS COMING FROM A BEGINNER AS I SAID !!! This is what they call EXPERTS !!! And now they just keep on apologizing without giving me any good answers!

just that they will give me a free revision... WOW ! This order does not need a REVISION !!! IT'S COMPLETELY WRONG !!!

This is not the first time they sent me wrong orders!

Many times I trusted them with my Home works and assignments and they gave me WRONG ANSWERS! What site is this????

DO NOT ORDER THERE !!! And the customer service is not great !!!

Nov 24, 2018

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