purium health productsHorrible customer service

Customer service sucks all they do is give you the run ask to speak to a supervisor they state no they have to submit a request. No ever calls you back when you call in again they treat you like crap on the phone and they try to rush you off they place you on hold forever. Then they get back on the line to tell you a supervisor is not there which is ### once you finally get a supervisor they act all nice and give you what ever you want to just get you off the line. The have no respect and are very rude they need to fire their supervisors and get trained people to do there work. They give away free product to high ranging people and ship it to them next day but can fine our orders.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Long Beach, CA What type of service is this they need way better training completely suck. Also they say they are organic and GMO free according to all documents that are on the site by the way need to be up dated only a couple item are organic one product is GMO free and don't even have the organic stamp of approval on product but 2 wow very nice. And there prosper magazine yay they picked the company to be featured. WRONG LOOK INTO ALL INFORMATION ABOUT THE MAGAZINE YOU HAVE TO PAY THE MAGAZINE COMPANY TO EVEN BE PLACED ON A COPY. Company is full of lies and scams and corrupt people the only time the company cares for you if you high ranking and making money if your not they wont do nothing for you. They just lie to your face

Feb 20, 2015

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