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Purity Mineral Makeup / Trial Order

1 Chester, VA, United States Review updated:

I've read all the complaints and thought it was worth mentioning my positive experience. At first I thought I might be in trouble because once the makeup kit arrived, 12 of the 14 trial period had passed. The trial period starts from the day you order the makeup, not from the day you purchase. I was also surprised to learn of the terms of membership that were enclosed with the packaging.

But here's where things start to get better. I immediately contacted the company via their company e-mail address. I stated that I was annoyed that I only had two days remaining for my trial period and that I either wanted more time, or to cancel my order and send me the "whatever number" I needed to return the shipment. I also had never planned to join a club, so I definately did not want regular shipments.

I immediately received a return e-mail telling me the number I needed to return the product, and giving me about 3 weeks to return the product BEFORE my account would be charged the full amount of the shipment, somewhere around $69.00. But they also offered me the option of keeping the product and only being charged $41.95 - weird. About 5 days later I responded that I would like to keep the product for $41.95 - I actually like the makeup, brushes, and makeup pouch. I've priced this sort of makeup, and it's actually a good value for $41.95 - on top of the $8.95 of course for shipping. But really, you couldn't buy the great brushes that came with it, the makeup case, and the two pots of mineral powered foundation, one pot of awesome blush, and one pot of finishing powder for any less.

It's been about three weeks altogether now and they have not yet charged me anything above the initial $8.95. They gave me a date (about another 3 weeks out) when I can expect to be charged the $41.95 and have cancelled my membership, with the option of reinstating at anytime for either 60 day or 90 day shipments. I've received an immediate reply to every e-mail I've sent (within an hour). I've never attempted to call their number. I always choose to e-mail when given the opportunity. I also have had no problem accessing their website.

Either they've cleaned up their act, or some folks have difficulty following instructions - I don't know. I do admit that they are misleading in their advertising, and I do admit that at first I was nervous when I saw they had put about 4 different $1.00 charges to my debit card, which they ultimately removed, in addition to the $8.95 charge that was advertised. I also was pissed off when I got the "real deal" about the program in the packaging, rather than supplying this information up front. But all in all, everything worked out well, and I actually like the product. It works fine for me and I love not having to deal with goopy foundation anymore.

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  • Ca
      14th of Apr, 2008
    +1 Votes
    Purity Mineral - refuses to answer e-mails or telephone
    Mineral Science
    13710 Hutton Drive
    Farmers Branch
    United States
    Phone: (866) 363-6797

    Refuse to follow up to give you RMA# or to answer telephones. I have called at least 20 times and sent e-mail. They said they would be back to me in three days. That was almost a week ago.
    Product is too dark and breaks out my face. I want to return it.

  • In
      6th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    You should have turned down the lesser offer ($41.95). When I told them I wanted to return the product which they intended to charge $56 for, they offered it to me for $42 ("last week's special"). When I said no, I was then offered to keep it for $36.99 ("last month's company special"). I again said no. Then they offered $32 ("last week's manager special"). I said no, this time for kicks, to see if they dropped the price again. They didn't, but informed me that if I returned it, I could only keep the pouch. I agreed to keep it at $32 because I like the brushes.

  • Ma
      30th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I think this is one of the biggest make up rip off yet! I will never ever recommend this product to anyone! I was billed $32.99 plus $69.95 for a product I cancelled. Their sales agent said that return information will be sent to me plus they stated that they sent eyeshadow that I never received in their packaging. All I received was a box containing a pouch with brushes, and trial sizes of mineral face powder, blush and finishing powder which I was not impressed with. This is a rip off to the max!!!

    My mistake not mailing it the day I received it!

    They could care less, I already got suckered!

  • Pa
      3rd of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    You can find good mineral makeup on ebay. I received mine in the mail today and I only paid $21.95 for a full kit including brushes, and free shipping. Will last a few months with regular use. Mineral makeup contains no fillers, and it looks like you don't get much for your money, but you really do. Check the ingredients before you buy - the best mineral makeups will have very few ingredients, and the top three ingredients will be zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and iron oxides. Avoid fillers and rice powders, ultramarine, and talc. I am not shilling for any mineral makeup sellers or companies, but I researched mineral makeup (and everything else I buy) thoroughly before setting money down..the internet is a vast information source, check it out before you buy it.

  • Cr
      7th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    are you kidding? these people are a freaking RIP OFF!!! i canceled my membership BEFORE THE PRODUCT EVEN SHIPPED (proof in email that i canceled the VERY night I even signed up) well they canceled it, sent me the product 3 days before the trial period ended..then labor day weekend ended and they charged my account $129.99...RIDICULOUS!! And now they are trying to tell me once it has shipped there are NO REFUNDS. Are you serious? Who in their right mind would pay that much for stupid makeup in the first place.
    This place is a rip off scam and everyone should AVOID it or be VERY disappointed.

  • So
      7th of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    I agree with other people that this product is a big rip off. The advertisement for this product was very misleading to me and I'm sure other people. Obviously they are aware of the effect their advertisement has because when you called their number they first refer you to the cancellation process. They charge to my credit card $89 for a few brushes and trial size make up, which I did try And did not like. I would not recommend this product to anyone I also Filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau so that others would not fall into this trap

  • Ka
      13th of Dec, 2016
    0 Votes

    I also had a positive experience. I really liked the makeup and I wasn't charged anymore than I was expecting. My only problem is what do you do if you want to order more? I didn't want to be set up on recurring shipments/charges. Are you getting product once a month, or do you just get a free trial every time?

  • Ro
      21st of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    Total rip off and terrible product. Charged me after I cancelled and wouldn't let me return the product. Everything was poor quailty, brushes, containers, make-up, the only thing worth keeping is the travel bag. "Free" trial isn't really free. This is false advertising and dispersement. I have also been receiving a ton of spam emails and phone calls. This is borderline harassment

  • Cb
      11th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    I cancelled my membership before I received the product. My card was charged 3 weeks after I cancelled and I called the company. They stated I had 15 days from when I cancelled to return the product for a refund. I never received the product. They gave me a tracking number, but that will do me no good as I am past the refund time. They refuse to refund my $89 that was charged to my account AFTER I cancelled my membership and said that there is nothing they can do! They are very rude when I called and did not care that I did not receive my product and that my account was charged after cancellation. Horrible company.

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