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Purity 12 / overcharged

United States, Utah, Riverton Review updated:
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Contact information:
po Box 2635-PUR
Phone: 1-866-8745685
I agreed to a small supply of Purity 12 for shipping charges of $4.99 and then was charged another $74.95 2 weeks later without my OK. When I called the customer service number of [protected] the recording said it was no longer in service. I have written them a letter and will see what happens. Do not do business with this company. It is a scam!!!

Lynn Brown


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A  26th of Feb, 2009 by 
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The same thing happened to me, screwing up my checking account to the tune of $66 so far. This is such a rip off, especially since the phone number on the bottle is discontinued and when I checked the web site, it wasn't there. I need to print this and send it to the bank to prove they are the ones who messed me up so badly.
N  26th of Feb, 2009 by 
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I had the same thing happen with this company and the Acai berry pro company.They said all I had to pay was 4.99S/H for one and 4.95 S/H for the other.So far between Acai berry pro and Purity 12 they have charged my credit card with $232.66 I am furious! I did reach someone from Purity 12 at this toll free #866-851-2281, who told me that they would refund my money.I just got off the phone with them and am now on hold with Acai berry -which by the way I got the # for Acai Berry from the customer service rep from purity 12 so they are obviously the same scam.I have not opened there product so I am returning them he says I should have my money back within 10 days, will see. I am still trying to get the other 162.61 returned from Acai Berry.Again I am just furious that these people think they can get away with just stealing peoples money!
N  28th of Feb, 2009 by 
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try going to www.verifyyourorder.com, you should be able to cancel your oder from that website. 877 300 6125 gives you the information to this website, good luck . i just cancelled my order after reading these comments . iwill have to wait 48 hrs. to see if anything got confirmed. last resort, call your creditcard company and change your credit card account #.
N  3rd of Mar, 2009 by 
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The customer service number is 1-800-300-6125. I am on hold with them as I write this. I ordered the acai Beryy Detox and the Purity 12 free trials 2 hours ago. Well... after reading the fine print as well as the feedback of complaints, I immediately called Acai Berry Detox and cancelled my order. Amazingly enough the operator offered me the $87.13 monthly supply for &40.00 mif I would agree not to cancell. Of course I have turned the offer down, got her name and operator # as well as a cancellation confirmation #. She said she is still sending oiut the 30 free supply for me to try but I will not be charged anymore. I pais $2.00 for S&H. Unfortunantly it is not going as wello with the Purity 12 company... I have been on hold for several minutes twice! After about 12 minutes the phone disconects!! Great hopefully I can stop this one also!
N  4th of Mar, 2009 by 
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Purity 12 - money taking out of account and not authorized
107 Redneck Lane
North Carolina
United States
Phone: 828-649-3375

Me ( Donna Burnette) and my daughter Michaela offey both ordered the Purity 12 for 4.95. We paid that, but now we've also been charged for 74.95 for something that we did'nt agree to order. I want refunded and so does my daughter. If we do not get a refund then you can expect a call from my attourney. My daughter is not 18 years of age, she's only 16. I would appreciate a call from someone about this matter. When I try to call at 9:30 the voice tells me that business hours are 8:30 to 5:00 mon thru Fri.
N  12th of Mar, 2009 by 
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I ordered this product and did read the fine print unlike some of these other customers who are complaining. It clearly states that after 14 days your account will be charged the full amount for the product and it explains the future auto payments as well unless you cancel. I am happy with the product and combined it with Acai Detox and have had wonderful results! So please, if you are going to sign up for something on line, do what I did and READ ALL FINE PRINT so that you won't have to come to this message board and complain to everyone! Good luck to those of you who can read:)
N  17th of Mar, 2009 by 
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Hi to Everyone,
I too bought into these products, Natural Acai Berry & Purity 12. I have just had success with calling in and cancelling BOTH. AND recv'd cxl confirmation numbers on both. Here are some phone numbers that I have found: Natural Acai Berry: 1-800-278-3620, and Purity 12: 1-866-897-0663. Both worked, and took less than a couple of mins for both. as of this date, 3/17/09. Hope this helps out someone. Never Give up though!

Thank you,
A  20th of Mar, 2009 by 
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Well if you read the FINE PRINT on the AcaiPure Terms and Conditions (like Nicole who can read) you will see that they can at any time modify those terms and conditions. They then say that you should keep informed by looking at the modification date at the bottom which isn't there, to see if you have read the LATEST and GREATEST terms and conditions. Isn't that something. Hope this helps.
A  23rd of Mar, 2009 by 
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Just like all the other complaints that I read, I too ordered the Acai berry and Colon Cleanser from two different companies. I ordered these products through an advertisement on facebook. Like everyone, I was told it was free, just S/H and then got charged $74.95 and $78.95. I went through hell speaking to the people from Acai, as they are in India and it is very difficult to understand them. Purity 12, I phoned the 866-897-0663 and was less frustrated and spent less time on the phone. The 2 companies told me that if I had canceled YESTERDAY, I wouldn't have been charged. It sounds like a scam. I was told that the Acai would refund between 3 to 5 business days, however Purity 12 said 10 to 12 business days but that chances were, it would be less. MAKE SURE TO GET A REFUND CONFIRMATION NUMBER TO HAVE HANDY. I have a feeling that I am not done with these two companies, but I hope so.
D  23rd of Mar, 2009 by 
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After ordering my products I wanted to contact them to change my credit card information. This stuff really works and have to keep it going! It's very easy to change, just go to website www.verifyyourorder.com - everything is computerized which means it's instant and automatic!
N  25th of Mar, 2009 by 
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in the fine print it does say that after the 14 days are up your credit card will be charged 74.95.
N  26th of Mar, 2009 by 
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I ordered a "free" sample and agreed to pay for the 4.99 shipping. I provided my credit card number and was later billed more than 74.00! I can not locate a working number and have seen here that I am not the only one who was cheated by this company. If anyone has any luck in contacting them, please post an update here.
D  26th of Mar, 2009 by 
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First of all people, I also bought the product and was looking up more information about it because it is working so well for me, and came across this BS. You people ought to be ashamed. I have been a arbitrator for 20 years and all your claims you could be sued for. There terms are clear and on both pages of the sign up form.

The real question is here, is are you the one really scamming?? Do you buy other stuff online and do this, heck blockbuster will send you to collections for not paying for there service, maybe this company should too.

PS, Did you go to the website, The number is clear, so your a liar when you say HELP I cant find the number, You should could find this site!
A  30th of Mar, 2009 by 
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I ordered the Purity 12 about 10days ago, the 4.95 was charged so I thought great the product will be here soon...hmmmm I got charged 74.95 on my Credit Card I immediatly called Purity 12 @ 1-877-300-6125. I told the lady I haven't received the product yet and want to know why I was charged the 74.95 she said it's a 10day free trial then you get charged. I told her to CANCEL she said ok it's cancelled enjoy your bottle of Purity 12 I said again I havent received the product yet so how is the trial started, she said yes you did, you just dont want to admit it..I said EXCUSE ME??? She said it again, I immediatly told her to put her manager on the phone...hmmm what did she do? put me to a answering machine...THIS PLACE IS SCAM and I AM REPORTING TO BBB.
N  30th of Mar, 2009 by 
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I ordered from the facebook ad too, be careful people scams are everywhere but you really need to read the fine print, too. I was able to cancel quickly since I read the fine print.
N  30th of Mar, 2009 by 
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I called 1-877-300-6125 waited a few minutes on hold (They dont play music or anything it may seem like they hung up on you) in regards to my fiance. She had canceled her order but it wasnt *processed until 3 days after her trial period. They withdrew the 80 bux from her account anyway I didnt ask how I could get a refund I just said you are going to refund me, otherwise I would file a report with my local police department and bank for credit card fraud, soon as I said that they said to go ahead and keep the bottle and would do a complimentary refund of the entire amount including S/H and it would be back in her account within 10 business days. Seems like you just have to be straight forward and threatening with them as my fiance had tried numerous times without any luck on getting her money back, hope this can help someone THEY ARE A SCAM!
N  30th of Mar, 2009 by 
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I read the fine print at the bottom of the page. Which stated the 4.99 shipping fee, a 12.95 membership fee, and then the 74.95. I called them and told I thought the 74.95 was a little steep considering the situation our economy is. They cut my price in half. Go figure.
A  1st of Apr, 2009 by 
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I cancelled my order just within 1 day of ordering the product GUESS WHAT???? THEY CHARGED MY Credit Card ANYWAY!!! I called them they said we don't show a cancellation. I told them I had a cancellation #. They again said we don't see that here and you are being charged because we sent you the product. I told them I did NOT want the purity12 and will be sending it back. She said ok send it back we will refund you 1/2 price, but if the bottle has any markings on it I wouldn't be refunded WTF????? This is a big time scam, all they have to do is put a mark on the bottle(If I get it) and I've lost over $80.00 I can't believe this company is getting away with all this scamming...
A  6th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I had the same thing happen to me. Like everyone, I ordered the produce through an advertisement on the net. My first impression was that it is free and I only had to pay shipping, but no, my card got charged for the full amount.

Unfortunately for me, I didn't touched the acai berry or the purity 12 until I received another bottle today. Never thought it would come back and hunt me, but needles to say I got charged for 4 payments totaling over $310 dollars.

First I called purity 12 and they give me the refund on one charge. (I didn't find out about another charge until I called my credit card company) I asked them if they are associated with acid berry because I would like to a refund on them too. the guy said no, but when I asked for a phone number for acid berry, he give me one. (Go figure)

I also called Acai berry, and like some one mentioned they were from India so it was kinda hard to understand them. the girl I talked to give me a refund on the second charge, and said could not give me a refund on the first charge because my trail on the first one has expired. (can anyone believe her? If she can't give me a refund on the first charge because my trail has expired, then how come she can give me a refund on the second one?)

Like everyone else, I think this is right out fraud. I pushed for a dispute through my credit card company for all 4 charges, just in case they don't give me any refund. I am also planing on reporting them to the authorities. If I can get my money back then it is great, but if not then that is one big price to pay for a lesson.

Everyone should do the same, and report these people to the authorities to no more people will get scammed.
N  7th of Apr, 2009 by 
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my advice to all is use a prepaid credit card and just put the amount for the s/h and then you would not have this problem. also is states clearly on the website that you will be charged for the next mnth.

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