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I bought face cream from the website I found the ad, and it was mentioned that they provided these creams for free, but you needed to pay only for postage. After I paid for postage, which was $3.66, these ### charged me for $109.88 and didn’t provide any confirmation email or order. I don’t know what to do. Please, if someone here had the same experience, can you help to return money back?

Apr 12, 2014

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  • Ni
      Apr 18, 2014

    Same happened to me in the UK

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  • Fa
      Mar 05, 2015

    Good day same happened to me!! these poeple are uncsruplious and real dogs!! Reported to my bank only noticed 5 days after initial withdrawel! Please advise if money can be recovered? R1195.13 as to $4.99 was taken!!! PLEASE HELP!! REGARDS Faizah Slamang Cape Town South Africa!!

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  • Mp
      Aug 15, 2015

    Same thing! And they are not answering my mails. Charged me for 3 months, before I realised it! Surely there must be a way to report this and have the money refunded?

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  • Ma
      Sep 07, 2015

    PURE SKIN product. Accepted trial period of the Pure Skin product with p&p of £2.95 only on 28 June 2015. Product arrived approximately 4 days later 2nd or 3rd July 2015. Upon realising that this was not what was required and in view of the extortionate cost of the product on an on-going basis i.e. £89.00 the trial was cancelled on 15 July 2015. However on querying why the amount of £89.00 was taken from my account on 13 July 2015 I was informed that the trial had not been cancelled within the 14 day period as required! This company begins the 14 day trial period from the time that the order is placed i.e. 28 June 2015! SO in effect people must trial the product within 8-10 days, make a decision and/or cancel within this period. I would be very surprised if this product is so good that the effects would/could be seen within such a short space of time!
    Despite a long conversation with Customer Services person, when I found out most of the above information and timings, nothing was resolved, no refund of any kind! No concern over my disappointment, no concern over the very shortened trial period, etc etc. ad infinitum.
    NEVER, NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! This kind of business practice is unscrupulous and totally unnecessary!
    Sorry forgot to mention the Customer Services contact number previously [protected] eventually they will admit to representing PURE SKIN as their product. (Presumably there are other products which they also represent, so be very aware)

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  • Te
      Jan 16, 2016

    This has just happened to me in the UK and they have taken the princely sum of £295 in a month!! I have just contacted my bank and will be getting the full money back through their retail team.
    I was asked if I made a call to complain to them which I did and now am getting my money back.
    Please keep trying they were using my card as a savings account when they wanted money.It would have been £209 more but they'd drained my account

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  • Ri
      Feb 07, 2016

    I'm really glad you are getting your money back Theresa. Here in Canada they pulled $285.00 cad before I realized what was going on. I called and e-mailed them and they said the same rubbish about missing the 14-day trial period. I told them the tiny, tiny jar of cream didn't even arrive till a month after the order was placed. They just kept robotically repeating their policies and offered a $40. us refund. I phoned VISA and they will not refund any of the money even though they know all about this scam. I cancelled my wife's credit card but the VISA guy said that these scammers are "able to find a way around that". What!? If they know it's a scam, why are they letting the charges go through. I'm sweating bullets here because I am powerless to stop the next charge of $144.00. Even as I'm writing this, I'm noticing that these "" scammer have an ad at the bottom of THIS complaint's board page.

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  • An
      May 25, 2016

    I was scammed as well... originally charged$6.55×2 for the wee trial bottle. Then charged$145.74 & $131.16 and can't afford this. Was so happy to try something virtually"free" for the 1st time buying my credit card is over the limit & I don't how what to do. As a widow of 2 kids, I really can't afford this. What can I do? Please someone?
    AP from Ontario

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  • Ma
      Jul 03, 2016

    I never ordered this product. They are stealing my only survival money. I want it to stop now.

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  • Ma
      Jul 11, 2016

    I also am a victim of this unscrupulous vendor of Pure Skin cream. They offered a free sample with just $3.95 for shipping. It came in a very small tube. Then they charged my Visa with CAD $150.00. I emailed them at [protected] and warned them that I have reported them to the Police and also cancelled my Visa card at my bank. I am a pensioner and if they charge me another $150.00 next month, I will starve. How can they be so evil!
    From Toronto Canada.

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  • Li
      Oct 03, 2017

    @Marla Maganda Did you get this sorted out, I think I will have to close my bank acct??

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  • Di
      Oct 15, 2016

    I too got scammed by this company, however they called me the next day requesting further information on my c/c, which I became suspicious of. I refused to give them any information and was told they couldn't send out the creams. I said, "fine." I called my c/c company to cancel my card. They had charged through $6.56 and $5.24 for the free creams. I was told that if I cancelled my card and got another card, they can have the payments taken from my new card as well. This is ridiculous. I was told to call Pure Skin and get a letter showing that I had cancelled the subscription(which I never ordered) Of course she wouldn't send me any letter of cancellation, telling me that I had to receive the creams, and then return asking to cancel. I called my c/c dispute center, and while I was on the phone, they contacted Pure Skin and on a conference call, with my c/c dispute representative, they gave me a confirmation number to cancel. My representative and I both have the confirmation number, therefore no further charges can be applied. Sick that we can be put in such a situation, to begin with!!!

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  • Br
      Dec 15, 2016

    @Diane Woytiuk I was scammed under the same circumstances you described. After I got confirmation numbers to cancel my subscription (which I never ordered!!!) I was told a shipment was sent out to me and my credit card was charged $155.00. I was told that if I returned the shipment they would reimburse my c/c which they never did although I have confirmation they received the package back. When I tried calling the number of pure skin [protected]) the number was no longer in service. These people are shameful!!!

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  • Ph
      Dec 18, 2016

    I received two products in the mail after being charged $5.43 CDN for shipping. But apparently somewhere in the agreement you click, you are told you have 14 days to respond or you will be charged. Sure enough, 14 days after shipping two different charges showed up on my credit card (one from Ultimate Pureskin and one from Cleanface London, but both "Abella Mayfair" products), one for $134.45 CDN and one for $123.38 CDN. We called about both transactions (two different phone numbers, same person). The agent agreed to refund me $50.00 USD for each product. Not great, but at least something. Of course, it remains to be seen if the refunds actually show up on my credit card.

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  • Qi
      Feb 14, 2017

    I am another victim of this company's deceptive and thieving behavior. Lucky me, my CC company alerted me, so no money for them. I'm glad for this forum, thank you.

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  • Mi
      Feb 16, 2017

    Hello ladies, i`m here to tell you the same thing just happened to me the ripped me off of 285.39 never mentioned to me about no 14 day trial ;they say they haven`t even shipped out the new order but I still have to pay for it. and that those 3 little trial offer bottles are the next order now worth 305.81 so what was free to try and just pay postage is now 1 month later worth 305.81 so much for honest, free trial offers, and what name do they actual go by: my credit card says : new skin
    smooth face
    my pure skin
    So which name is the the right name, just imagine how much money the have stolen off unsuspecting ladies like us with using all them names from people all over the world there has to be a law against this kind of stuff to protect people. imagine that those 3 little bottles that are free to try will end up costing you 300.+ dollars and not help you in any way but lighted your bank account
    save your money stay as far away from this as you can

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  • Pa
      May 18, 2017

    Same thing happened to me in the U.S. Their "customer care" Rep., Eric, is a real gem. Extremely rude. When I received the product, which was larger than what I thought was a trial size, I threw it away when I had a reaction. I had no idea that I had to call them to cancel in a certain time period because I had no idea that they were sending more. I cancelled after I realized that they were taking the money out of my account (approx. $89 and 99). They gave me a hard time at "Pure Skin" and told me that they would go ahead and cancel it. Guess what? They charged me again. I called my bank and they reversed the charges. I just had another $98.09 taken out of my account by this company because my bank, Chase, said that they investigated the charges and that this company had the right to take my money because I didn't cancel in time. They said I had to call that Redwood Pureskin company again to dispute them. Guess who was the "customer care" rep? Eric. I've never dealt with anyone so rude in my life. He was like a bill collector, not a customer rep. He said I had to call my bank because his company had cancelled my subscription; the bank said my only recourse is to cancel my card and get a new one. I wish I had never believed that I would get a "sample" for $4.95 or whatever it was. They are scammers.

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  • Co
      Aug 24, 2017

    Scam!!! scam!!! scam!!! hydroluxe wrinkle cream... free trial... they claim you subscribed and charge your credit card and never return money even after returning product on my dime... [censor]!!! scam scam scam scam

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  • Ba
      Sep 12, 2017

    @Colleen Stacey Same here in Canada. Visa can't go to them because of the fine print saying it's a 14 day trial, and if you don't return the product, they will begin billing you. I've blocked any future billings on my credit card, and am about to call them. THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN, THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE

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  • Li
      Oct 03, 2017

    @Baldwin Jessica Janie Do you have a phone number please, they just charged my bank acct $127 I never ordered anything beyond the free sample

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  • Li
      Oct 03, 2017

    Yes they got me as well, trying to find contact info, and has anyone been successful in obtaining a refund?

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  • Li
      Oct 10, 2017

    I have filed a complaint at I suggest all do the same, will let you know where it gets me

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  • Sh
      Feb 07, 2018

    i got scammed by these people ... where do i find contact info for them please? they cant get away with this. no wonder they announce they are making money...

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  • Ki
      Feb 10, 2018

    I also fell into this trap. They charge me initially USD 3-95 and after sometime I noticed that they have taken USD 99.95 for nothing. I cancelled my card. It is ridiculous that isn't there any law to ban these company for robbing peoples money like this. Disgusting all the staff involved in this scam have to suffer in the BIG HELL for trillions of years. They will laugh now but they don't know that is what they get after death.
    I did this for the first time in my life. I ll never buy any thing on line by giving direct card information. to unknown basters. good lesson for me.

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