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Do yourself a favor, don't buy ANYTHING from PUREMOBILE.COM. They sell defective electronic and will NOT refund your money. I purchased a MOTORIZR z8 and an additional full warranty. The phone was defective and within days of receiving the phone, it just shut down and would not function. Puremobile's customer support in THE WORST. They never respond to your emails and when you call and actually get someone, they do not want to help you. They have an idiotic refund policy - 10 days after purchase or no refund. The time it takes for the product to ship to your is 7-14 days. They do not count 10 days from when your receive the phone but from when it was purchased. Puremobile never send me any information about the P3 warrant I purchased and never send me a bill of sale with the phone. I sent the phone back to them and demanded a full refund, they refused. Now I am disputing the charges with my credit card. Save yourself stress and too much hassle -DO NOT BUY FROM THEM-


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