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This website is a scam. They advertise a one month product trial of Purelift Ultra for $4.95 (plus $9.95 shipping outside USA). My credit card was charged immediately when I ordered the trial product. I received 1 ounce of trial cream in the mail. What they don't tell you is that they charge you another $79.95 14 days later (not 1 month) without your approval and they will keep charging you $79.95 per month until you cancel AND YOU EVEN DON'T EVEN GET ANYMORE CREAM FROM THEM FOR 3 MORE MONTHS, if you want to pay another $240.00. WOW, that is one expensive trail for 1 ounce of cream. Furthmore, they also automatically entroll you with 2 other "partner members" Insider Secrets and Weightloss e-book package, without your consent and more charges appear on your credit card. WeightLoss e-Book Package and Insider Secrets. I don't even know what these are or how to access them. I thought that I had declined these memberships after giving them my credit card number for the trial product, but apparently I was enrolled with them anyway. Only when I saw my credit card statement did I realize I had 2 memberships I did not want (once I finally figured out what these charges were for). I had not website access information for these partners and didn't even know what I had purchased. I finally figured out what these charges were and who I had to call to cancel them. I have canceled everything and hope I have no further credit card charges.


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