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Hi - I was also unpleasantly surprised with the assumptions this company made and logged my complaint here last night (Maudie05). This morning I called the number on the glossy flyer that arrived with "my new shipment" which is the only contact information they have provided - [protected] and it was dead. No ring tone and eventually just cut off. The web site I googled for them said "this site may harm your computer" - so dont go there either.

I called the number they seem to have provided you above [protected]) which was picked up promptly with "you wish to cancel your subscription?". An employee called Toni (employee id 807) cancelled "the monthly debits". Her response to me saying they had been WEEKLY debits was "sorry about that ma'am". She gave me a cancellation number and assured me it was all behind me. I asked about the 3 new bottles I had received without ordering them and she gave me another number to call for this (NOT the one on the letter).

So then I called [protected] and spoke to April (employer id 155702) who asked which product I was complaining about then looked me up and again has assured me that "your automatic shipment order is cancelled ma'am". When I advised I did not place that order she again said "sorry about that ma'am, you have a good day". Seriously! They are polite and sound very very worn out! Anyway - I asked her bluntly the questions "will there be any more debits?', "will you be accessing my credit card for any further charges?" "will I ever hear from you about any product again", "will I have to cancel my card to get rid of you?"- reply to each was a weary "no ma'am".

I have also advised my bank of this. Just in case - but have not cancelled my card.

Hope this helps you ...

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  • Pa
      Sep 16, 2009

    I cant believe that they advertise this as FREE

    How dare they keep our card details and just bill us for the stuff you say is FREE to start with.
    I am going to definitely do something about this
    This is theft
    I wonder how many letter they get because you cant email them.
    WHAT IS FREE. The $12.00 post that they steal off us?

    I was lucky I saw this. I phoned and am returning mine today. So everybody beware !!!
    If you choose to keep your trial, your active credit card will be billed the low member price of only $87.62 for your trial,

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  • Pa
      Sep 16, 2009

    Clear Lift ULTRA
    Age-Defying Face Therapy SCAM!!!


    read the Billing
    When you place your order today with ClearLift Ultra, you will automatically become a part of our elite customer club. Your active credit card will only be billed $4.95 for the shipping of your 14-day day trial. If you choose to keep your trial, your active credit card will be billed the low member price of only $87.62 for your trial, and each additional month you continue to use ClearLift Ultra.

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  • Br
      Oct 09, 2009

    Clearlift Ultra give nothing Free in fact they deduct unauthorised amounts from ur Credit Card. I had to cancel my Card to stop tthis SCAM. Be careful this is the most expensive cream I NEVER ordered. Something needs to be done about them - but the product comes under about 5 different names to confuse people.

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  • Ch
      Oct 25, 2009

    Here is the head office phone number and address for the Purelift scam company :

    JustThink Media
    Corporate Head Office
    Suite 204, 85 Cranford Way
    Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA T8H 0H9
    Phone: 780.416.0211
    Customer Service
    Owner: Jesse Willms

    More about this company and their history can be found here:

    Where to file complaints:


    Good luck to all who have been caught by these scammers!

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  • Cr
      Oct 28, 2009

    Thank You all for posting, I too have filed complaints with the FTC and econsumer, great idea, lets get rid of these scammers.

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  • Es
      Nov 03, 2009

    I ordered what I thought was a free product and knew I would pay for shipping however I was overcharged on that and then somehow I got charged over $95.00 for what Visa told me was a fitness/ weightloss membership. I am appauled at the misrepresentation of this product and terrible sales practices. It really makes the consumer wary to buy on the internet which is a terrible disservice to legitimate sellers.
    Purelift you should be fined for deceptive sales practices.

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  • Cr
      Nov 03, 2009

    Notice all of the SAME canned responses. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. You may want to cancel your credit card to be safe, I sure did. And please file complaints with FTC and other agencies as noted above.

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  • Ro
      Nov 09, 2009

    i live in australia and have been scammed after ordering a FREE trial of pure lift . i agree that is next to impossible to contact this company .when you start getting all those charges, and it seems as if they work under a few different company names . iused a debit card to pay for the postage of my free sample, and in the unsuing weeks have had over 4700 DEBITED FROM MY ACCOUNT (NOW CLOSED) AND UNDER SEVERAL DIFFERENT COMPANY NAMES, I ACCEPT THAT MY CHANCES OF SEEING ANY OF THAT MONEY AGAIN ARE MOST LIKELY ZERO AS I AM SURE THEY HAVE SOME LOOP HOLE TO PROTECT THEM i was charg
    ed for 8 products and services i never ordered or recieved
    r. osborne

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  • Mo
      Nov 16, 2009

    I too, fell for this scam. I thought it was a free trial, only having to pay around $3 postage but they charged me $13.
    I received my bottle and realised that they would charge me every month, so I rang straight away and they told me that if I posted back the bottle BEFORE the 16th of the month, they would not charged my account. They gave me a cancellation number and said that my account was now cancelled.
    I returned the bottele on the 6th, which was before the weekend, with registered post so that I could track it. I saw on the 13th that it had been delivered, so I thought that all was well, since they got it before the 16th.
    I was OUTRAGED when they charged my account $94+ again yesterday.
    I've been trying to call them but was told it was out of office hours, so I'm gonna keep trying.
    I'm also going to try to get my bank to back-charge the money, but they told me that it would only be possible 15 days after the cancellation- so I'll have to wait another 9 days.
    I might have to cancel my card, which is REALLY inconvenient because of my other direct debits.
    I will NEVER fall for 'free' trials anymore- I've learned heaps from this rotten experience.
    I'm feeling really nervous because my VISA is actually a debit card and I cannot afford it. I was lucky that my account didn't end up in the red- I didn't expect them to still take this money out of it.
    I don't have their email address- I am in Australia. Does anyone know how to contact them in Australia by email?

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  • We
      Dec 07, 2009

    I too am from Australia and have just realised I'd been scammed. Like Morticiaatje I agreed just paying the delivery and ended up paying just over $14. I've just noticed that I have an amount come out of my account of $90 (something) and it's for Pure Lift. I read through the paper clearly when the sample arrived and didn't see anything about having to continue. I also would like to know how to contact them. Basically I've just lost close to $100 and I couldn't afford it. I have a brain tumour which is terminal but thankfully slow growing so have no idea how long I've got, so if anyone can help would really appreciate it. Good luck to you too Morticiaatje :)

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  • Mi
      Dec 09, 2009

    Try this number to contact them [protected] but you will probably find that it will not do you much good. I have been on the phone with them for about 30 min and they refuse to give me a credit saying I have to return the product I never recieved...Best thing to do is cancel your card and re-open a new one so they cant continue to charge this amount...Good luck!!!

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  • Ca
      Dec 11, 2009

    I really wish i had of seen this website before i tried the apparent FREE trial.. I was not told at all they would help themselves to my credit card .. Lucky i noticed.. I dont even know what they are posting me.. And yes i agree there is absolutely no way of contacting them except one number on the leaflet.. Which i cant ring anyway.. WHAT A SCAM

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  • Le
      Dec 25, 2009

    I think someone should talk to ACA and televise it here in Australia and expose these scammers for what they are? Firstly, it is illegal to debit someone's credit card without the authorisation of the owner and this is what they have done to many of us.

    I ordered the product after receiving an email from who and the website it took me to was This website no longer exists.

    At checkout the product price was for shipping only at a cost of $19.95 which was fair enough but, before I received the product my credit card was charged $98.46. I had to cancel my credit card and I have also lodged a dispute for this transaction through my bank. As far as I am concerned I did not approve this transaction so I want my money back. In the meantime I am spending a lot of time on the net alerting any website that will listen. Honestly, it's taking me hours and I'm even on here on xmas day!

    Let's get these scammers!!

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  • Ar
      Jan 05, 2010


    Sorry there seems to have been some confusion about your order. We do our best to satisfy all of our customers, but sometimes mistakes can happen. Customer

    service and satisfaction are very important to us. That's why we included our Terms of Service on the order page right next to where you provided us with

    your credit card information. There is also a direct link to our Terms of Service on our home page. We do want you to be happy with your experience with us -

    even if you didn't read the terms or found them confusing.

    If that was the case, you can return the unused portion of your order and we will not bother you again. If you are still in our 30-day guarantee period, we

    will also be happy to refund your money. We take our money-back guarantee very seriously.

    Our customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can call us at (8/8/8)-(6/7/6)-(4/1/2/2).If you have any problems getting through,

    you can also use our Live Chat online customer service support. The Live Chat link is easy to find on our Contact Us page and can walk you through the entire

    process step by step.

    We want to do everything we can to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible and hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you,

    Arnold myers

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