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I ordered 2 pints of Hydrogen Peroxide, 35% food grade to be sent to 2 different addresses. I gave a credit card number.

It took a week for them to process the FAST FED EX SHIPPING order, I had to call them. They proceeded to charge me for 2 quarts which I did not order. I called them, emailed them and am still waiting for a refund and it is the 31st of August and one of the quarts I did no order has not been received due to a Fed Ex MAJOR screw up that I will post about as well.

So, FRAUD was comitted by overcharging my credit card just because they had the number, the FAST shipping is a genuine lie, they say they will call you back and DO NOT. They can't find your order but they can find your money!

On a scale from 1-5 regarding overall business practices and worth, I have to give them a 0. I am still waiting for my refund and my product!

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  • Rh
      Nov 20, 2009

    Therapeutic usage of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is something you must do very carefully.

    Holistic physicians recommend purchasing only from professionals or actual *physical stores* which carry this product. Many can be found, but for the average consumer searching online, it's very easy to become misled by internet stores that carry very little credibility, medical/health knowledge, or good safety practices.

    Even the most well meaning online provider may not be aware of the practices of the distributor that they are purchasing from.

    One company I know of, Oxy-Tech, sells 35% H2o2 to many health food stores throughout the nation. A list of retailers can be found on their site.

    Many of these stores have only carried this one particular brand for many years, with much success and repeated customer satisfaction.

    Health food stores have to do quite a bit of research before carrying particular products in their stores, due to terrible liability consequences if a customer were to fall ill, etc.
    This is much more research than the average consumer would normally do.

    I have no affiliation with the above mentioned product. If you don't want to purchase that brand, then start calling health food stores around the nation and see which brand they carry ... and see if they can ship it to you, if they are far away. This is your best bet to begin this therapy safely.
    I absolutely would NOT order this product blindly from ANY internet company...period.

    Here's one source in CA:

    Artesian Natural Foods
    6349 Pacific Ave
    Stockton, CA [protected]

    Here's another in MA:

    Living Earth Foods
    232 Chandler St # 1
    Worcester, MA [protected]

    Again, I would only trust online distributors that ALSO carry their products in *physical* stores too. This makes all the difference due to liability precautions AND the Food Safety regulations that all retailers of food/supplements are required to be licensed in.

    Most people looking for 35% H2o2 are already in a weakened state, making safety the most important factor when beginning this protocol.

    Please read here
    for a detailed protocol:

    Blessings to you!

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