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Pure White - Winsomesmile / unauthorized charge from bank

1 51 West Center Street Number 201Orem, UT, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 877-816-6693

I responded to a pop-up ad for a free sample of a new tooth whitner for $.99. The product was recieved and the 99 cents was withdrawn from my account. I did not sign up for any sort of club or follow up products. It was to be a free sample to try the product. One week latter a $85.99 charge came out of checking account. I called the company and they said they would retun the money and gave me a confirmation number. When they failed to return the money I called them again. They said I gave them permissinion to withdraw the money and they would not return it. This has been an on-going nightmare with no resolution. This is a crook company and I would like to warn others about it and get advise on retriveing my money. Thank you Linda Freeman,

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  1st of Sep, 2009
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I have had the same experience as the above complaint. I have been charged but have not received merchandise. I plan to refuse the shipment but wonder if I will able to get my $ back. Any suggestions? Carolyn A Lowe, NC

  17th of Sep, 2009
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just got off a 1hr phone call with "Jaijay" from nigeria or somewhere outside the us trying to get the TWO 79.95 pending charges off my account due to the fact i did not CANCEL within 14days. Cancel what??? i wasnt aware of any canceling that needed be done with my 1.99 FREE trial of their products.

After telling this fool to let me speak to his supervisor, he tried to find one and they were all too busy (probably dealing with the 100's of other ppl that are pissed off...or just non-existent) and telling him he worked for a decietful peice of shi* company and needed to find a real job with a company that didnt trick people and take their money, then giving him a few life lessons, I was able to have one of two options:

1) get $50 credited back to my account TODAY (woop woop! only 110$ short now!) or...
2) wait 4-6 weeks to have both 79.95 charges credited back to my account after sending back the products to their miami, fla office

Needless to say, i want ALL of my fuc**** money back from these peice of shi* people, so i opted for #2.

Honestly, these people need to stop tryin to make a buck today and learn how to run a real fuc*ing business...assess

  7th of Oct, 2009
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Agreed...ANY time a company uses a pop-up that is not asked for, or advertises a deal that is just too good to be, don't walk away. I'm 55 and I have never seen any "too good to be true" offers actually come out as good as they offer.
Also, when I looked at this item online, I got the confusing "opt in or out" pop-ups...if you not familiar, they read like, "Hey! your about to blow it by not ordering! Click CANCEL to keep ordering our product.." These type of pop ups, inteneded to confuse the consumer are usually a dead give away. They are often used by porn sites as well, so that should give you an indication of their lack of legitimacy.

Other keywords here..Nigeria..neon red flag with large warning klaxons.

  30th of Oct, 2009
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Hello everyone!

OH MY GOD!!! My blood id boiling! I do not believe they are getting away with this. The same thing happened to me. I ordered a sample trial and later got changed 95.86 dollars. Once i did some research I understood why. I supposedly signed up for a membership. what a joke. what kind of membership is this where you do not get anything in return? I called them stayed on the phone and fnally got a rep. He canceled my membership. I hope this is the last i have to deal with jerks like that. I asked the rep what his opinion was but camply he replied that those are the conditions. I pity the people that work there, they scam people for a living. I hope karma will take care of all of this! I plan on going to the bank and somehow blocking my credit card so they can not even attempt to get at my money again. On the other hand, we all should have been a little smarter and did hte research. This is the price we pay for being ignorant. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE. good luck everyone with dealing with these idiots.

  10th of Nov, 2009
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Same happened to me 1.99 for 89.95 no authorized charges. Had to cancel my Discover Card- Please note- I'm a website developer and I know- everybody will get you number, all Nigerian scums, and you will be charged again and again and across the globe.

Soluton- get your money back like I did- CANCEL YOUR CREDIT CARD- or if DEBIT with BANK, RUN to your BANK and do something about it!

It's like the LifeLock guy that did get his SS stolen- when it gets out, it's out for a wild ride.

If you get a NEW discover #, also for $2.99, get wallet protection if you lose your wallet, all numbers are protected! Great feature.

  10th of Nov, 2009
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They are right on- this is a genuine scam!!! I got mine from the TV. $1.99 free for the first one and NO subscription. The container broke and it was flimsy 2 cent packaging.

IF it SEEMS too good to be true, it is!!!

  17th of Nov, 2009
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10-6-09 I emailed for free sample, pd. $1.95 on debit card. Got sample in US mail.
10-19-09 Purely White ran $89.95 chg. to my bank acct.
11-5-09 Purely White ran $95.90 chg. to my bank acct.
I called bank, cancelled debit card. Bank gave me tele. no. 877-576-7243.
She told me I had 10 days from order date to advise them I didn't want more.
She finally refunded $71.74, credited to my bank on 11-5-09.
I told her I was reporting it to US Treas. Comptroller of Currency.
Days later I got in US Mail my "order" from PUSH Innovation, 5300 Ontario Mills Pkwy, #400, Ontario, CA 97164. (California). Internet shows Purely White (FLA) connected
to PUSH, Ontario, CA (CAL.) connected to Pickering, Ontario, CANADA, used as mail address for Dazzle Smile in AUSTRALIA.

I notice complaints on this site mention Miami, etc. Internet reports have a long list of sites affiliated with these people.

I've filed e reports with Atty. Gen. Florida & w/USPO Gen. Inspector Fraud Division.

Need I say, I'll NEVER order anything online again.

  19th of Nov, 2009
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Same story as above. Cancelled my credit card. Will report to Better Business Bureau and try to get charge back from my credit card co.

  20th of Nov, 2009
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Same thing happened to me. Applied for free sample and paid P&P to UK. Nothing arrived except a charge of $89.95 to my account on the 3 November. Have tried emailing them but no reply. Have their number now thanks to you guys so will try ringing. Today another $95.90 was taken (20th Nov) so have had to cancel card completely. Lets hope other readers won't fool for this company's tricks. SP

  26th of Nov, 2009
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Same thing happened to me i seen a free sample advert (post and packaging to be paid only) ordered and within the next two months they had taken £56.73 and 54.69 from my card without permission. I complained to my card company and they are attempting to reclaim the money however i cant seem to find an email address for the company to complain and cancel the order which i never signed for in the first place Robert Murray UK

  1st of Dec, 2009
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I got scammed by these thieves as well, I used my debit card and payments started to come out, I asked the bank to cancel my card but they could not guarantee any further payments would not be taken from my account. (MY BANK IN CHARGE OF MY MONEY CAN'T ACCEPT MY WORD THAT I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED!!!) The bank told me they would look into it via their fraud dept which could take 4-6 weeks! At this stage this company had taken a total of £130 from my account over a period of 6 weeks.
To cut a long story short the only solution if you have used your debit card is to shut your account and move your direct debits to a new account. If you open an account with your existing bank then they can chase the company on your behalf and if successful (MY BANK IN CHARGE OF MY MONEY DOING SOMETHING ON MY BEHALF - DOUBTFUL) will credit your new account with funds.
In a nut shell shut your account so you aren't sitting with a clenched bum waiting for the next finger to be stuck up it be these ###.

  7th of Dec, 2009
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Wish I had checked this before the same thing happened to me, they took £227.43 british pounds out of my widows pension account with Christmas around the corner, then I was charged 4x for the currency of £1.50 then it cost a further £5 to return recorded delivery making a total scam of £238.43 pounds plus having to phone america 3 times. This is surely not legal to just take money out ofyour account without permission.
They took this money in less then 22 days I feel like crying!!
Collette Uk

  7th of Dec, 2009
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terrible scam.
they automatically signed me up for about 5-6 "offers" that cost on the average $100 each when i sign up for their 1 free trial. i had to spend 1 whole day calling 5 different phone numbers/companies to have them cancelled and refunded back to me. after 2-3 weeks, i got another shipment of their junk in my mail, and they've already charged me another $95!!!
when will the government make this kind of scam illegal once and for all?

  15th of Dec, 2009
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My suggestion to ALL OF YOU PEOPLE is to read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS before you place an order online. All of you could have avoided these charges by following the terms you agreed to when you placed your order :D

  18th of Aug, 2010
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I did the same thing seeing this ad on my CNN home page. I ordered a trial for shipping and handling and next month my bank debit card was hit of almost $90.00. and hit for an ITL charge from the bank. I did get the product a month after the charge, I did not open it and mailed it back. I had to cancel my bank card and am waithing for the bank to procede with an investigation and hopefully get a refund for the charges. DON'T DO THIS, THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL OF YOU THINKING ABOUT USING THIS PRODUCT, DON'T!

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