Pure Sparkling Fresh Inc. / Water filtration system

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Do Not use this company. The product ruined my cabinets. We had the product over 6 years. It leaked and he blamed the leak on us. We sent video and pictures of all the damage. His product was leaking. He said read the contract. He is not responsible for anything. He wont pick up the product as well. He said the company where he gets the product went out of business and can't get parts. Never serviced the product timely as well. We were only getting a quarter of a gallon from the tank at a time. He tried charging our credit card after I told him we were canceling and to pick up his system. We had to shut it the system off because of the water leaking which it destroyed our cabinets and now mold is growing. He is very rude. Just wants your money and to provide no service. If we can do it all over again, buy a system at Home depot or Amazon. It will save you lots of money and headaches in the future.

Nov 11, 2016

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