Pure Medical Spa / Terrible (fraudulent) business practices

My nightmare with Pure Med Spa has been going on for almost a year. I went in last June with a Groupon for a certain service. The "consultant" told me I was not a candidate for that service, and suggested I have the lipo done instead. She quoted me a price of $6000, told me they offered financing, and asked to run my credit report to see if I qualified. I did consent yo the credit check, and I was approved. What I did not realize was that they were charging me instantly for the $6000. The "consultant" said that appointments for the lipo procedure "fill up fast" and I felt pressure to make an appointment. I did, but I told her that I'd need to talk it over with my husband before having anything done, and that I'd cancel the appointment I'd I decided against it.
I did decide against the procedure, and canceled my appointment the VERY next morning. Again, I did not realize they had already charged me the full amount of the procedure. So a couple of weeks later, I got the bill in the mail. Since then, it gas been nothing but a complete nightmare dealing with these people. I have since been trying to get a full refund. They told me I was entitled to a partial refund, as per their cancellation policy. Which means that they expect me to pay $1500 for a consultation, which took all of 30 minutes, if that long. That is outrageous! Even real medical facilities don't have such stupid policies! They made me go back down there to sign a paper requesting the partial refund of $4500, which they said could take 60 days to process. I didn't even get the refund they said I was entitled to until I filed a dispute with the credit company they use, Alpheaon Credit, and I filed that in December.
I have also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I was hoping that would get the rest of my money refunded. Pure Med Spa had 14 business days to reply to the complaint with the BBB, and they did not. Pure Med Spa will not return my phone calls, and they didn't respond to the BBB. That tells me that they know they are using shady business practices. I guess they figure if they don't return phone calls or respond to anyone, they don't have to actually refund anyone's money.
The bottom line is, I did not receive any goods or services from Pure Med Spa, and so, they are not entitled to any of my money. Something so simple seems to be beyond these people. I am still fighting thisfight almost a year later. Pure Med Spa probably thinks that by employing these despicable business practices, that people will give up and just pay. Pure Med Spa should not be allowed to remain open. STAY AWAY!!!

May 10, 2016

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