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My husband went to the Galleria Mall location to purchase a laser hair removal package for me for a gift, because I was always complaining about my femstache. He said the guy was really rude and said it was $300.00 for 1 session. He knew 1 session would not be sufficient so a girl who worked there told him to buy a gift certificate and I can pay the remaining balance. So I called one day and I received and great special! 8 sessions for $400.00! They advised me that their stores laser machine was waiting for a part but I could go to their Las Vegas Blvd location. When I showed up for my appointment their credit card machine conviently was not working so I payed the remaining in cash. The estheticians name was Stella. She was GREAT!! I was very happy with my first procedure. My second procedure, same thing, Stella was wonderful. My third procedure, Stella no longer worked for the company. I got one of those young girls, but she was very nice. My fourth visit doors are locked with a note on the door to call their Galleria Mall location, I kept getting a voicemail and nobody would get back to me. So I went to that location and doors are locked also. I cannot get anybody to return my calls, now i'm out 5 sessions. They must have known they were going out of business hence the great deal and the credit card machine not working so I could not dispute the charges.

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  • Ak
      Mar 18, 2010

    I am having the same problem in Chicago at their location on Clark St. I am 7 sessions and like $2000!! Does anyone know what's going on with them or if anyone else is having these problems?

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  • Nl
      Mar 21, 2010

    I'm also having the same problem here in las vegas. I was at the town square location and was promised a new package in addition to the 1200 I already paid for. Both locations are closed now and no forwarding number is available. Ive left numerous messages with the CEO and have gotten not return call. Here is her number if you'd like to try..
    [protected] her name is Louise Talbott

    If anybody knows of a way we can get our money back please post.
    I've filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and again have not gotten any calls back.

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  • Be
      Apr 12, 2010

    Louise's number has been disconnected.

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  • Am
      Aug 21, 2012

    Google search I see Nourse is back doing business in the local Toronto area and has been in the news lately as a "local hero" for offering steep discounts and being considered a leader in the med spa industry of the Toronto area - Ha, what a damn joke that is! People of Toronto, BEWARE! This is just another Nourse / Talbot scheme! Don't fall for it, stay away from Renew Beauty Med Spa / Pure Laser of Toronto, looks like he's got six locations up there now people, make sure you stay far, far away. Meanwhile Talbot is in the Dallas area now doing business as Renew Beauty Med Spa going by the last name of "Proulx".

    We need to nail these two already! They just keep closing up shop, stealing everyone's hard earned cash and re-naming & scamming people all over again. They should have been locked up for good years ago! I don't understand how they've continued to be so deceitful all these years and still continue to get away with it! They belong in the same cell with Madoff!

    I see there is currently a pending lawsuit against them in California. I'm located in Las Vegas, Nevada and am interested in getting involved in a lawsuit or class action lawsuit here. Anybody have any updates on any litigation against them? Please contact me by email if you have any info about any lawsuit(s). These two crooks took me for a ride for several thousand dollars and I plan on getting it back! [protected]

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