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Jorge Pulecio of is not a good seller. I put a reserve on "Cupid" a solid white English bulldog in August of 2008. I sent payment of $625 to reserve him. After I sent the money he would respond to my questions days later where as before he would respond the same day. I had many questions about shipping and the pups health and he had very good answers for all the questions, again until after i reserved him; which is when all the good answers began to sound like excuses. This went on for weeks until in late September he told me that Cupid had a hernia and started pushing other dogs off on me which I didnt want. he told me it would be months for Cupid to be healthy and ready to fly but he would let me have pick of the next litter. I understood and said I would wait for the new litter. I was on vacation in Florida in September and asked if we could see some pups since we were in the area. 5 days later he said sorry he didnt get to me in time but he might be able to meet me at the airport. My fince waited at the airport for 6 hours but he never called or emailed me. When I got back I told him that I wanted my money back since it had been nothing but trouble. He responded with, well heres an all white puppy Ill send you, when a day earlier he didnt have any availible. I said no I would like my money back and he agreed after numerous unanswered calls and emails. Finally he said he could refund the money because Paypal wouldnt let him, but he would try to find me another dog. Again after many many emails he said he could send me $325 now and send me $300 a week later. Well I got the $325 minus the paypal payment fees but never got the other $300. I called, emailed and told him that I was going to file a complaint. He kept saying 2 more days or the end of the week and I said ok Ill wait. He finally sent me an echeck for $300 that didnt clear! He is a scam, he still hasnt paid me, ive sent money requests and his echecks take a week then dont clear. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HIM! I have heard of others getting taken for a lot more than I did but I want to warn people before they get scammed by him as I did.

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  • Ba
      Nov 25, 2008

    I have purchased an english bulldog from this breeder and I had an excellent experience, I have also recommended to friends, one of them its my neighbor and he had a good experience with puppy galaxy as well. My sister in New York acquire a puppy as well and there was a small delay on the shipping but everything else went smoothly. I am sure that there must be another reason why Jorge has not refund your money on time. Either way I hope you resolve your problem with him, I can only speak for my experience and I can simply say that will buy from this breeder again.

    Good luck.


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  • Cr
      Dec 18, 2008

    Mt boyfriend and I recently purchased a English Bulldog from this Breeder and we have no compliants, any questions we had Mr. Jorge answered with no problems. Our puppy is beautiful and healthy.Maybe things will go alot better for you next time.
    Thanks again Mr, Jorge
    Cristal and Larry

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  • Pu
      Dec 22, 2008

    Refund was issued in full, All customers act different and I respect this no matter what they do. Sometimes I dont agree with they way things are handled. I can not and I will not send a puppy when I am aware of even the smallest health issue. I rather be honest than send you a puppy that will give you a hard time instead of joyness and happiness. In this case I was unable to send the puppy because of a Hernia, the deposit was refunded in full. Happy Holidays !

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  • Ch
      Dec 26, 2008

    My wife and I purchased a puppy from Jorge and are very pleased with the transaction. The puppy did have Giardia (an intestinal parasite), but has been treated and is doing fine. Otherwise he checked out to be healthy by our vet. There was a mix up with the paperwork on the puppy, but when I confirmed this with Jorge, he promised to send the correct paperwork for our puppy when he got back into town. I trust he will do so. He's been very available to any questions or issues we've had thus far. Puppy Galaxy is certainly not a scam and I would recommend them to friends or family who were looking for a pet quality Bully.

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  • Ma
      Jan 21, 2009

    I wanted to comment on a breeder that i bought a english bulldog puppy online. I'm in north carolina and the breeder was puppy galazy. Jorge was absolutely awesome to deal with. I know i was not the most easiest customer to deal with but he was so professional, made himself avaiilable to me for emails and a number of phone calls. Everything he said he would do he did, to the inth degree. to say i was satisfied and impressed with him is to put it mildly. I have read other websites that say he is a scam artist, sells sick puppies, blah blah blah. There is not one word of truth to them. We received the pupppy five days ago and took her to the vet for a check up and she is "perfectly healthy" as the vet said. She is such a beautiful little pup you cannot help but fall in love with her at first sight. I would recommend Jorge / Puppy Galaxy Breeders to anyone. That man truly cares about his puppies and their well being and shouold not be getting such a bad rap like he is. He is trustworthy and honest, he cares for the well being of his puppies. If someone were to ask me if i would recommend Puppy Galaxy to do business with, I could not say YES YES YES enough! He was there with me every step of the way. The date today is 01-21-09 i had the puppy since 01-1309 and am so in love with this bundle of love. Thank you Jorge for all your hard work and hanging in there with me. I have so much to be thankful to you for. You go Jorge! I look forward to doing business with you again in the future if we decided to get another bull dog or referring you to people at work.

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  • Ra
      Feb 25, 2009

    My wife and I purchased a puppy from Jorge about a month ago or so. We took the puppy to the vet about 2 days later because we thought it may be sick. It ended up having Giardia (an intestinal parasite), and we were given the medication Flaxyl to give to her. After her first bottle was done she started to have a little diarrhea again so we took her back to the vet for another prescription. The second dosage did the trick. Our puppy has been healthy ever since then and we love her to death. She is an extremely smart puppy and has basically started potty training herself just after 2 weeks of having her.

    My wife and I also recommended Jorge to some friends of ours who wanted a new bulldog puppy (there older one recently passed away). They got a puppy from Jorge and it had Giardia as well, but was treated for it and is now doing fine.

    I think the issue with Giardia is pretty common. Puppies can get it from other dogs and in many other ways. My mothers dogs got it from water one time I believe somehow. In any case, Jorge is not a scam. He has been very nice to my wife and I and has answered all the questions we pester him with.

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  • Vi
      Oct 08, 2009

    I also got a dog from Jorge, almost 3 years ago. He was very knowledgable & answered questions. We were NOT allowed to see the dog ahead of time. They are RAISED IN FT. MEYERS, I believe, and he lives in Miami. He gets the puppies the day they are ready to go to their new homes, takes them to HIS local vet and supposed to go to his house to pick up the puppy. But he ended up wanting us to get the puppy in a restaurant PARKING LOT, as he said he wasn't done at the vets and needed to get back there. Then the puppy is bigger than should have been for 8/9weeks old. But the HERNIA thing happened to us. Backing up a bit...when he picked the puppies up from Ft. Myers that a.m. he told me he was 99% sure our puppy had a hernia & she couldn't be operated on for months. So we got a puppy that had been taken off the website because they were going to keep her for breeding (I remembered her). And she would have been good for breeding, because she it tall and long, plus her head looks small on her body. She is NOT ALL ENGLISH bulldog, she fits more of the VICTORIAN bulldog profile. When we took her to the vet she had that GIARDIA and the vet said I needed to get another dog because she might not live. She did live, she was fine after medicine. (She didn't seem very sickly, the vet was simply stating what could happen.) I called Jorge about this and he was again very cordial & knowledgable.

    Although Jorge is nice, he is out to make money on this popular dog that has special requirements. Reputable breeders care who buys their dogs, for all he knows all of his puppies went to people who want to use them in dog fights. He just needs you name, address, phone number and money. I will never buy from a petstore or breeder again, when there are plenty of bulldogs in rescue that need homes. I got my second dog from a bulldog rescue in south Florida and he is just wonderful...and both are fixed!!!

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