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Publix Supermarket / poor service, check out etc.

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The last 3 times I have gone into Publix to pickup a few items, the check out lines were ridiculously long. Tuesday night topped it all. There was 9 people with groceries in the 10 Items or less "speed lane". When the store mgr. finally got on the PA system for the second time, the line shortened to 5 people. Add this to the nonexistent service at the Deli, the pre-made Deli salads that are brown-edged, the small cramped aisles, along with the half-molded bakery items still on their shelves.

Publix employees themselves do not even buy deli salads. I can get in and out of Albertson's and even Winn Dixie with a few items quicker. I can even get through WalMart's cashier-run check out with a week's basket of groceries faster that I can get out of Publix fwith 3 items.

Since Publix does not have think it needs to hire more workers and/or declines to raise their wages so that employees will stay, they have finally lost me as a customer after about 12-14 years.

After shopping at Publix for many years I have watched it decline steadily and dramatically in recent years. I have finally had it. I will no longer shop for anything at Publix. I may have to drive further but it will be less stressful.

Store details:

Publix Supermarket
741 S. Orlando Ave.
Winter Park, FL

  • Hal pierce's Response, Apr 01, 2018

    Was in the bakery Wednesday even and the young lady with glasses seems to be always on her phone the young lady name was Amanda this is an on going issue when I come to the bakery. This store is close to me we live in Atlantis just wanted to bring it to your attention

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  • In
      22nd of May, 2007
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    I shop shop at publix on cascade a lot and today I went in the store in my regular close for being off work I usually go in with my suit but today I did not I went to the deli like I always do and then I proceeded to walk around the store and shop your security officers approached me and surrounded me like I was going to leave the store without paying for the sandwich when I had a shopping cart with items now I am offended by because when I come in the store with my three piece suit on it is not a problem but since I was dress for success they treated me like I would steal a three dollar sandwich if publix is fair be fair across the board I would hate to think you are profiling in stores because word of mouth can make you loss a lot of business you need better train your security or bring them up to date on the laws in this state

  • Li
      30th of Nov, 2007
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    While I will not tell you that you are wrong about your store, I will say that the Publix (#0582) I shop at here in Tampa is wonderful. The aisles are clean, the store is well lit and the employees are very helpful. Our new regular cashier (moved to the day shift 2 months ago) Amanda is always quick to ask how I am doing, only I know she is being genuine. She makes sure that I have everything and when or if I have forgotten something she will get it herself. I noticed she was sitting down, but it hadn't dawned on me that there must be a reason. As I watched her limp off down the aisle with her cane I realized that she cared more about my comfort than her own. Since then, I always make sure that if she is at a register that I go through her line first. I've offered her small items as a reward for a job well done but she always politely declines and just asks that if I am happy then she is happy. If only everyone had a cashier like this young woman! On the other hand, if you only look for the bad that is what you will see. So the next time you are at Publix, look around and see how many great people are around waiting to help you!

  • Ro
      24th of Feb, 2008
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    I am a long time diabetic with heart problems. I am 58 years old and still work a 40 hour week as an architect. I loosing feeling in my hands and feet. It is very important that I watch my sugar and salt intake. Crystal Light is one of the products I buy every week. It was available in small bottles, four to a pack. I am able to handle them and they fit in my lunch pack for work. My wife was told they would no longer be available in the smaller bottle. The 2 liter is too difficult for me to use and the powder too inconvenient. Is there any way these can continue to be stocked at Southgate or Grove Park? Crystal light has a large assortment of flavors that other drinks do not and salt is a problem in many of the other drinks.

  • Ro
      11th of Mar, 2008
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    I admit Publix is a great store and has alot of good buys and are by far the cleanest stores iin the south east. The only store that compares to them is Tom Thumb stores. But publix has a bad side to them alot cant see, their worrking inviroment. Now before I start I'm not bashing publix im mearly telling the truth. Most managers or assistant managers turn into a demon for some reason when they get a title and treat their co-workers like crap. Publix has the worst record for working inviroment then any other store. My wife works for publix and dreads going to work and comes home everyday with a complaint. My mom woorked their too for 25 years(now retired) and has been transfered to every publix store in central florida and many stores in georgia also and has been a stock worker, assistant manager and a manager so she has seen it all. I am not going to take the time to tell all the horror stories that publix has, I would be here all night typing.

    My publix slogan: Publix where shoping is a pleasure but to work there is hell!

  • Sc
      10th of Apr, 2008
    +1 Votes

    wow you must shop at my dirty stor 259 in st. pete eh?

  • Su
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    The Publix in Naples by the Moorings is full of employees that barely speak English. Most of them seem like they dont even want to be there. Im sure they dont get paid enough, as most people dont these days. Who really expects people to be able to live off of $7 or $8 an hour. Even $9 is ridiculous. Especially in Florida where prices are already too high. Florida is an overrated, humid swamp full of horrible drivers and equally horrible business prectices. Publix seems to be too expensive too. You can get so much more at Whole Foods, who carry mostly organic items, then you can at Publix. I will not shop there anymore.

  • Ja
      23rd of Sep, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Publix isnt an organic only supermarket. It has its GreenWise section which is intended to provide SOME organic products. What Publix does have is outstanding customer service and a commitment to always treat each customer as king. You will never find a self checkout line because at Publix we will always be ready to take care of you if the lines are long.

  • Be
      27th of Nov, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Most of you who post on here are bitter and ignorant, Publix is a great place to shop as I been shopping there for over 20 years and have not had any bad experiences I think some people just look at little things to pick on like lines or this or that and you should be thankful U have a great place to shop look at Alberstons closing many store and guess who bought them ? Publix did hmm wonder why Albertsons is doing so bad but Publix is going so great? GREAT COSTUMER SERVICE that is why and look at WD was bankrupt not to long and is barely surviving to make it and they to closed many stores. It's obvious a lot of the people that post here don't know what is really going on and as far as that one person that posted on how making 9 buck and hour is a joke it's a lot better then Minimum wage at Wal-Mart witch is well known for is horrible costumer service actually its ZERO service and I never shop there and for having long lines at the check out. Before I moved here from another state I use to shop at Wal-Mart but after I came to Florida and experience Publix I will never shop anywhere else.

  • Bp
      27th of Nov, 2008
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    I agree with Bella. Publix has always been the place to shop in Tampa for our family. They're always nice, and the produce is always fresh. If something's not in season, they just don't put it out!

  • Da
      27th of Dec, 2008
    -2 Votes

    I work for Publix customer service and I apologize for the long waiting time... It is always a priority of ours to prevent back-ups in the check-out lines and whoever was in charge at the time of your shopping must have been neglecting his or her responsibility. Sometimes our cashiers are in the aisles "blocking" and take a minute to return to their registers to speed up the customer check out times.

    I have shopped at Publix #20 (yours) and have never had a problem.

  • Bu
      6th of Mar, 2009
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    I think that the kroger I work at has or at least tries to have better customer service than the publix just down the road although its much harder because it is the largest kroger in georgia and there are many more customers and people like I that get paid 6.55 and hour (minimum wage) but we still work our ### off to try and provide good customer service

  • Ho
      3rd of Apr, 2009
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    I WAS an assistant manager at Publix all but 4 weeks ago. When I was promoted to my new store, I was told there was sexual misconduct going on and my department manager was doing his best to keep it under control. His efforts were futile as two more over-sexed employees got hired into our department. Then we got a new manager, who was demoted shortly afterwards because he was found to have joined in on the sexual misconduct that had spiralled out of control. In all my efforts to stop this obnoxious behavior, I got no support from higher up. Recently, an associate confided in me and told me one of the girls was coming onto him. But this guy wouldn't tell on her, for it was against his religion. GET THAT? It was against his religion to tell on her. So I reported it. Of course, everyone involved denied they always have...and HR accused me of me of making the story up. So, they told me to change my story (ie: lie) or...I would be fired. Well since I wasn't lieing...and I won't lie by changing my story...I am now unemployed. They fired me!!! Publix KNOWS sexual activity has gone on for a long time in my department...why they cannot believe it happened yet once again. Especially from the same girl who has been labeled "the store whore!" She has set up a prostitution house in my back room...yet I am the one who is fired for trying to stop it. Shame on Publix...that is just sick!

  • Mh
      20th of Apr, 2009
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    A Publix store manager told me last week after an incident with a customer to call him on Monday to let me know whether or not I still had a job. Of course, the long stressful weekend and the manager is not nice anyway. He treats all like a child. I was fired but I hated working there because I see they treat employees like crap. That is for sure!!! I better get unemployment or else I am bringing many of these online letters with me to whatever hearing I go to. The place is AWFUL!!

  • Pu
      7th of Jul, 2009
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    My Husband works for Publix in Florida and He HATES it! No...I hate it as well. He is the dairy clerk...The ONLY dairy clerk. 600 to 700 piece trucks, twice a week. Not counting the milk and egg deliveries. They occasionally pull dry grocery clercks from thier jobs to help him but "occasionally" is not enough. He has repeatedly asked management for help over the last year and he repeatedly recieves the same answer, "We're working on it". He works anywhere from 9 to 13 hours a day, 6 days a week. I am NOT exagerating on this one. I am irate over this! We just moved into a new house so he needs to work, but at what cost? He can't even enjoy our new house because all he has time to do is eat, shower, and get some sleep. He is afraid to complain too loudly about his predicament for fear of losing his job. Is this legal to make someone work like that? He is not salaried so he is pulling in overtime(which Publix will tell you they frown upon), you would think they would hire more help. My husband came home last week and told me that the manager flat out refuses to hire more help. Yet he, as well as all the dry grocery employees are working 12 - 13 hour days and everyone is on the schedule for 6 days a week!! How can this be legal??!!! It sounds to me like this BIG company is taking advantage of the fact that right now, jobs are scarce, people are afraid of losing thier existing jobs, and therfore will not complain as loudly about thier rights being violated on the job!! They don't even realize that it would cost them so much less to hire a new person at entry level pay, than to pay overtime to all the exsisting employees. Don't get me wrong, My husband and I both appreciate overtime now and then but...if you have no time or energy to reap the benefits, is it really worth it?

  • Iq
      11th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    i agree with the previous posts, Publix frowns on overtime and they refuse to hire help. I have been busting my behind trying to do a 3 person job. It is exhausting and I have a condition that limits me from doing too much. I feel bad for the customers and some of the department managers because they wont get the help that they need. I suggested several options but the store manager does not care. I am thinking about quiting and just collecting a disability check. I have had to keep working after I clock out for lunch, I have even had to clock out on time to clean before I leave because the demands from the store manager are ridiculous. A person can only do so much in a 9 hour shift. It is not publix's fault, it's poor management.

    Publix hater I know exactly how you and your spouse feel and it is not going to be pretty when the last straw is drawn.

  • Na
      9th of Mar, 2010
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    Perscription Delay: My perscription needed to be called into my physician. Somehow my refills were out of order. " Randal", the Head of pharmacy, told me to my face, that he would NOT call my Dr., because they did not return phone calls. I informed him I would call myself(02/28/10), and picked up 3 other necessary medications. I decided instead to wait for my next appointment with my physician on (03/08/10). The result was no medication for an 8 day period, because the dosage was to be changed. I discussed this with my physician, and upon checking the chart, a clerk in the pharmacy HAD called in the perscription unknown to me. My medications are serious, and very necessary. I told "Randy" abut this and that I was upset. He additionally waited on a client ahead of me, and when she said I was" next", he dismissed me, and latter accused me of bargging ahead of her! !!! I was waiting behind an older man,
    who had already been helped, and was in line before she ever showed up. I waited to discuss his behavior with him, and as usual he was offensive, RUDE, and in denial.
    I have no problems with anyone else in the pharmacy but this" Manager". His behavior is unacceptable to me. He owes me an apology, and do his job without personality problems. This has caused me great distress, and changing stores is inconvenient for me.
    Nancy Mackey

  • Ho
      27th of Aug, 2010
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  • 57
      16th of Oct, 2010
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    I agree with what I have read here. I also am a dairy clerk and we get a truck 4 days a week in the 600s with milk and eggs. In the past I have shined as a very fast worker and i feel it is because of this they feel it is fine to cut help and ask me to stay sometimes 5 hours after my shift should be over. I am overstressed and over worked, and the more i strive to look good in managements eye's all i get is disrespect as they walk by asking why im not done yet in a joking and condecending manor.. This company is circling the drain, and i have noticed it over the 5 years i have been with the company.

  • Kd
      7th of Jan, 2011
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    My Dad worked for Publix (still does, semi-retired from management) for over 35 years, even won the highest honer, the George Jenkins Award. He started at age 15 as a bag boy, and still occasionally goes in at age 51. I went to work with him a few times for fun as a kid, still occasionally drop by and say hi to him when I'm in Orlando. He never had a problem with the company, actually boasted the great employee stock options (which have literally given me a better life), and told me all kinds of stories since I was a kid to even now (I'm 29). He told me about a lot of employees who just didn't want to work a whole lot, and employees who got wrapped up in affairs with other employees instead of just doing their jobs, and they eventually had to bring mitigation in because it was difficult just to fire one person because--as an above post mentions--a "whore" is going around acting crazy...think about it from managements point of view. Very hard to distinguish he said she said, but usually if the complaint was real and legitimate, it would eventually come to light and the problem would get fixed in the end every time. He said there were managers that were Nazis, and some that were too soft, and in the end, he was usually dead on. So take everything you see here with a grain of salt.
    If you want to work hard and do the job right, you WILL be taken care better than most companies, and the company is VERY stable and still growing even in this economy. If you just want to go in and put your 40 hours in as easy as possible, go to WD, Albertson's, Food Lion, or Wal Mart, where you can be mediocre and be paid as such. MY dad started at minimum wage 35 years ago as a bag boy, and now lives in a 1.4 million dollar house in Windermere (Yes, near Tiger Wood's house), drives a new Acura TL, and literally just got back from a month long Cruise to the "Fiordes". Oh yeah, he just got my Fiancee and I a Cruise for our Honeymoon on the New Disney Dream cruise ship that just arrived. He didn't know anyone in the company, never "screwed his boss". He just did his job, showed up on time, took advantage of the company stock options, and there you have it folks.
    For those of you who originally came on here to lodge a legitimate complaint: instead write a letter to corporate, or even bring it in to the store manager of your Publix, and I'll bet you a box of Publix fried chicken it'll get fixed. I've seen a small handfull of sub-par stores, most of which are slated for a staff or physical overhaul in the near future. They aren't all perfect, but a good trip to NYC or Los Angeles (Ralph's, anyone?) and you'll see how good we have it here.
    I also have worked over 5 years at Disney and have to say I've had better customer service at Publix in many cases, no kidding (but Disney is great, don't get me wrong).
    In short, I've shopped at Publix my whole life, so yes, I've had a few bad experiences, and no, I don't call my dad (althoug I did one time, lol). I've had a few bad spats with even my best friend, but overall it's great and worth it, and if you have a problem attempt to resolve it with the store manager, and if that doesn't work, write corporate. Try that, and you probably won't need to come here=0)

  • La
      12th of Mar, 2011
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    I went to buy food from Publix the other day. I was in the dairy section and two oversized women began fighting over a carton of eggs. They ended up on the floor rolling, knocked beer off the shelf, and chased each other as fast as possible up isles. When the manager got involved the women jumped on his back and all three ended up in the dessert section, on the floor, with cake all over their faces. People who were watching began taking food off the shelves and running for the door. The security guard started shooting warning shots and everyone just rampaged through the store. I don't think I'll stop shopping there though.

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