Publishing Factory Inc. / Advertising - marketing

1 Mississauga, ON, Canada
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Our small retail chain was seeking an experienced quality marketeer to assist us expand our brand. We stumbled upon Publishing Factory located in the basement of a house on Stavebank Road in Mississauga, Ontario. We initially spoke with a woman named Helen. Helen swayed us with her grand promises. Our CEO also consulted with Geoffrey, her husband. Between them they promised the world if we would give them the chance to assist in the marketing of our boutique chain. This decision was the worst decision we have made in many years. This small firm was not equipped to handle a job such as ours. The product they presented was inferior and never delivered on time. We were constantly disappointed. Honestly, we now think that any significant clients this company had are long gone. It is estimated our losses from the timing and failure on proper expansion are beyond $200, 000. It was a poor decision to partner up with the Publishing Factory, we hope you don't make the same mistake. We have asked for reimbursement for our expenditures but we have heard nothing back.

Aug 29, 2016

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