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Publishers Sweepstakes / Harrassment

1 United States

I keep getting calls from this woman, who uses a different name each time she answers the phone.

The first time she called my cell phone and said she was "Regina" from Publishers Sweepstakes and that she got my number from one of my credit cards or banking institutions, which I know due to privacy laws is wrong. She proceeded to tell me that my number was selected as a winner and that they would be sending me a certified letter to the same effect. She asked me to verify my mailing address and proceeded to tell me my address over the phone. I told it was NOT my address and asked her how she got my number again, to which she replied "Oh, you are a [censored]ing psycho" and hung up on me!
I called the number back, [protected] and asked for Regina, and the wman who answered the phone said there was no one there by that name. IT WAS THE SAME VOICE. I am not stupid. I asked for a manager and she said she was the manager, but her name was different this time. When I started to complain about "Regina" she told me that "She did not have time for MY crap" and hung up on me again!
Wait... you called to harrass me and hang up on me twice??

The next phone call came about a month later. This time it was "Michelle" who called. She said I had won a dream home package and I immediately cut her off and asked how she got the number. She said "Oh, is this your cell phone?" and as I was about to answer she laughed at me and hung up on me. Again, same phone number [protected].

I ask everyone to call this number and keep her line busy. If she can't call out because we all keep calling her, she can't harrass anyone anymore. My cell number is on the Do Not Call list, and I have no idea where she is getting my info from, but the number is somewhere in California.


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