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Publishers Guide/Magazines / wont cancel

1 Tamarac, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1800-259-1649

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! I have researched them the last couple of days after my 18 yr old son tried to cancel his subscription. He was suckered, as I have found out they specifically target this age group knowing they are naive and not buyer savvy.
He was told he cannot cancel and was actually locked in for FIVE years! She told me the same and I told her about her "F" rating with the Florida BBB. She threatened to hang up on me. I beat her to it. It has now totalled 267.96 out of my account since Dec. 09, when all this happened. My son feels so bad but has learned a valuable lesson.

I have found out much nastiness about them and have filed complaints with the BBB and the State Attorney's office. I plan on contacting an attorney tomorrow. And possibly the media.
Would love to hear more about this company from anyone.

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      20th of Apr, 2010
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    I agree with you. I actually ended up paying over $1, 000 before realizing it. I tried to cancel and they hung up on me and started leaving harassing phone calls. I notified my lawyer and the Maryland States Attorney General. I also notified WBAL's I-Team. This company actually goes under several different names: Publishers Guide, Magazine Services, Mag Svs, and Discount USA. They also informed me that I had opened new accounts with them and that I owed another $1, 000+. Needless to say, I very quickly threatened them with a lawsuit. The representative provided me with a false "customer service" number and promptly hung up on me. I will also be requesting that this company be shut down permanently.

    If anyone else has fallen victim to this SCAM, notify the local media and file charges with your lawyers and your States Attorney. FYI, the actual magazine companies are unaware of who is actually ordering them by the way. I would also notify them and ask them to stop mailing the magazines. If you live in Tamarac, Florida, you can make out a police report. Since I don't I would have to notify the FBI, which is more of a hassle than it's worth.

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      1st of Oct, 2010
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    I was totally tricked by this company as well I canceled my credit card after they told me I agreed to pay some ridiculus amount every month for five years. Then I received a phone call threatning If I didn't pay them that I would have to pay a higher amount into collections I want out of it but they have recorded me agreeing to this contract. Is that even legal in Pennsylvania. I'm a 28 year old Father of two 5 year old boys and engaged and just bought my first home & I feel victimized.

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      29th of Dec, 2010
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    I also found out my son was caught in this trap. It was on Oct.14 2010. I called them to cancel and they said he only had 10 days. The contract is binding and he must pay or he would be contacted by collections. He is going to college and has no money. They said he owes over $1100. $57.48 per month. Of course they had a recording of his consent.
    I started calling the magazine companies and they were very sympathetic. Golf Digest said Publishers Guide was not a authorized vendor they were a third party and not to pay them. They cancelled 3 of the magazines. I then called Bass Master magazine and they also cancelled the subscription saying they only received 75 cent payment. My son hasn't received any information in the mail as to what he is suppose to be paying for, he only receives a bill for the amount due. Under the telemarketer law it is illegal for a unauthorized third party to sell subscriptions. I called Publishers Guide again today (Dec. 28th 2010) and explained to them I had called and cancelled and they said it had nothing to do with them they already Pre-Paid? I asked exactly what magazines we were being billed for, they couldn't look up the account because the computers were down.
    I will not pay them and hopefully with enough complaints the authorities will take some action against them to protect the consumer.

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      8th of Dec, 2012
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    This comapny is awful! They are extremely tricky and we somehow got roped into two different magazine orders becuase the 2nd time they called, my husband was under the impression they were referring to the orginal account. Then out of no where they begin deducting even MORE money out of our account every amount that we never authorized and that I can only assume is for some 3rd magazine order! The charge was under a different name (Magazine SVC) but it has to be the same company. I called my bank today and cancelled my card. I'm going to call Publisher's Guide Monday and tell them to cancel and that I'm not paying anything else because they took unauthorized payments out of my account and I'm not comfortable with giving them any of my bank information. I'm sure they will end up mailing us a bill and threaten to take us to collections but I seriously am not comfortable even paying off the orginal account because they could easily charge us again for something we didn't order.

    Does any one have any suggestions and/or experiences with not paying off their accounts? I don't want to ruin my credit but at the same time I don't want to continue to be scammed. If they are taking unauthorized payments out of my account now there is no way to be sure they won't continue to do it even if I paid off the account.

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      8th of Feb, 2013
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    I truly believe they are a scam orginization that I have come in contact with. Not only do I agree with the other complaints but I have another one of my own. I have been double billed twice by the same collections office with two completely different dates. I called today to find out what this was all about only to be told that I was late on the payment for Feb. 2nd and needed to pay twice the payment amount. The other payment date was for the 11th of Feb. which hadn't came yet. Both bills were signed by the same person. I told her that because of this that I would not be making any other payments. Let's see what happens with this.

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