publishers clearing house / discount on items I purchased

As part of enter the sweepstakes I could spin the wheel for a discount on items I ordered. I landed on getting $30 off, so I ordered a couple of items that totaled over $35.00 before shipping. When I received the items and bill there was nothing showing I received a discount. I paid part of the bill. I called the number on the bill and was told that was never an offer. I am sure it was. I asked to speak with a supervisor and, right or wrong, I do not appreciate having someone repeatedly insinuate I was confused. What happened to the customer being right? I know what I saw. Also, online it says you can pay so much a month until it is paid off. Nowhere on the bill does it say that. It wants you to pay in full and pay it now.

I will not be ordering from PCH again. I feel for the elderly who get sucked into thinking they have to order something in order to be entered into the contest. PCH are a bunch of crooks.

Mar 23, 2016

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