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This company advertising FREE birth, death, marriage certificate look ups. You plug a name in there they come up with several "matches" then takes you to a page to "steal" $35 from you. Then you try to look up that person again and the web site takes you to adresses to write to and send more money. I wrote to them to gat help and they did respond saying that all atates have gone digital with their records. They did FALSE advertising by saying it was FREE then charginging. Then you could not get an instant record or information for your research. They need to be shut down and return everyones money for being a scam. They would not reimberse me my money. All of us who have been scammed need to get together and go to court against them! is my email if anyone knows how to file a suite against them.

Below is a copy of my letter and their response:

Hello Alta,

I understand your frustration, and really want to be sure that you're satisfied.

Not all public records have been made "digital" yet, which means they're not
available online. From the 3000+ counties in the United States, many records can
only be retrieved by filing the appropriate request. This is a limitation of the
public records system that's out of our control. (What makes this process
difficult is that every county and state has different rules and procedures.) If
you need help locating the county office that would have the record you are
looking for please let me know and I will gladly assist you.

Your premium membership also includes:

* Unlimited People Search - Over 217 million U.S. residents and households
indexed! Includes addresses, several years of historical data, archive dates,
neighbor search, relative finders, household members, and reverse address searches.
* Death Records - 82, 421, 466 records from the Social Security Administration Death
Master File. Birth/death dates, last residence, obituaries, and 1, 997, 520
nationwide cemetery listings.
* Birth Records - Birth dates/years, parent age and location, state vital records
offices, instructions for obtaining birth certificates and birth announcements.
* Marriage / Divorce Filings - View household members, dates of residence, family
names and ages, and public record offices for obtaining wedding or divorce records.
* And More

Click here to login to enjoy these great features:

I hope this helps! Thanks for being a valued member, and please let me know if I
can be of any further assistance.


Member Services Representative

(When responding to this support ticket PLEASE MAKE SURE to reply to this email so
that your ticket number is included in the subject line. This will expedite your
support request.)

------ wrote:

> Thank you url: /contact-thanks.html
> Full name: Alta Smith
> Email:
> Email2:
> Department: Search assistance
> Subject: instant birth records
> Comments: What i got on your site when I tried to look up my great grandfather
andrew j groome on your site was to contact va vital statistics. i did not pay
for that especially when the initial search came up with 5+ records. i knew that
much information before i paid. if all i am going to get is to go to the
particular state for my records, i would like my money back.
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