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1 MO, United States

yes i have been duked. but i want you all to know that and clickbank are both scams. i purchased a package from that would allow me to find out about my ancestry. on the intro page when i typed in my (g) grandmothers name the report over to the side told me that her info was availible and to buy it and i would be able to see it. once to purchased the ability to access the system the search results were "No Results Found". so okay i check my (g) grand pa, he been dead for about 14 years so i know they should at least have a death certificate on him right. WRONG... the same thing came up "No Results Found". So alright, i have steam coming from every crevis on my body by this time because i'm hot stalk raving mad. i typed in my own name just to see what would happen, and wouldn't you know it "No Results Found" as if i don't exist. See, Great Grandmother die when my grand mother was a baby so i would have liked to give her the mother she never had.

then when i tried to get in touch with them for a refund they just want you to send an email. @#$% that i want my money now. i tried finding a number to call but its as if the place was like the castle in the movie KRULL at dawn it disappears. there is not a number to call in the event of a needed refund. But i did find a number to Click Bank the affeliate that processes the payments. [protected] or [protected] and a fax number of [protected]. these ### have stolen enough money from us and we need to do somthing about it. I'm game for a class action law suite if it applies to these morrons. it's just not fare what they are doing to people in the name of money.

Please call during normal business hours. Sorry for the mispelled words and totally wrong puncuation. :-)

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