Public Storage Commercial and 441 FL / household appliances, furnitures, crockeries school certificates for, my children and me flowers everything I posses in life

I have all my valuable possession in the storage, furniture's, appliances, everything you can see think of you name it, for over two year ago and even though I have been late sometimes I always do. I without a home from the time I put them in the storage because of my divorce and immediately after my son who was studying to become a doctor took sick, this stop me from working full time as I normally do, because he's been in and out of the hospital. I also have a 7 yrs old daughter. On the 23rd of April I met into a terrible accident and was hospitalized, on th 29th of May i lost everything in the storage, I lost my job my car, and no compensation from the other party who was at fault. And just to think that I have called the regional manager and explained my situation to him a few months before but he cared less he hang the phone up on me.
Mr CEO, regional manager, all you executives should take into consideration the things we the people have been through, and why we all put our valuables in your storage, and the pressure's you put us through even when we are with you so long, we have no other choice.
Now all we have is the clothes we saved.

Jun 08, 2018

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