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I am an old lady. I live on the side of a steep hill with a curve where cars speed down the hill and sometimes miss the curve. Many accidents have happened near my location. I have a 50 year old tree on the corner that protects my house. It stood firmly through Sandy at the same time the traffic light and the tops of all telephone poles and street lights were snapped off. The tree stood firmly when Sandy exploded the transformer which PSE&G irresponsibly left on a pole less than 20 feet from my home. (PSE&G left dangerous debris and wires all over my property and in my driveway when "fixing" the damage caused by Sandy. I had to go out in the street into traffic to sweep the debris away so that I could get my car out.) Today PSE&G decided to destroy my tree. The PSE&G contractor with the bucket went up and cut one third of the branches off to such an extent that the tree will not survive. I had to get out of a sick bed and run out of the house. I asked the person in charge to stop but they savaged the tree anyway. The workman just kept right on destroying my tree while I was trying to convince them to stop and then left me to deal with the destruction. Now I have a tree cannot survive. That's the way they do it. I've seen PSE&G do it many times. Leave the tree limbless skeleton and let the property owner deal with it the expense of removal the destroyed tree and replacing it. Now I have to find thousands of dollars from somewhere to remove a dying tree, which stood so strongly through Sandy, before it falls on my house. I have to find the money to replace the tree so that the traffic coming down the hill does not run into my house.

PSE&G is arrogant. PSE&G has a weird idea of what is dangerous. PSE&G does not respond to complaints or puts you on hold forever. A transformer 20 feet from a residence is not treated as dangerous. Debris and wires left in the street, in driveways and yards are not treated as dangerous. In addition, on an occasion in the past, one of their contractors disconnected a wire from my home and my complaint was disregarded as unimportant. PSE&G does not hesitate to place the public in danger. Yet a strong tree that has withstood Sandy without losing a branch is destroyed and I am left with the expense.

As far as Public Service Enterprise Group is concerned, the public be [protected]@mned.

Sep 08, 2014

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