PTL Pachall Truck Lines / abusive/lying/

1 Murray, KY, United States

the office is a very abusive place to work, u never get an annual review of your work, never get a raise - I know people who have been there 10 before they received their 1st raise while others in the same department will get incetives, bonuses, raises to keep them, it's not what u know abt your job it's who's ### u kiss and fondle and wipe and powder. I like many others before am glad I no longer have to degrade myself by working there, ask any former office worker from PTHell and they will tell u it's a ### hole, it takes a while for the wounds to heal from all the back stabbing the goes on there. This is the most corrupt, dirty, secretive place I have ever seen. The owner must be proud of his goons that lie, cheat and steal from everyone and get paid hansomly for it. So if u want to feel like ### and degraded every day u leave ur job then this is the place for u. Remember: IT'S NOT WHO U KNOW IT'S WHO U BLOW to get ahead here. And the poor drivers are constantly lied to from the office personnel no wonder the turnover rate is so high. I would be embarrased to tell anyone I ever worked there. They don't call it PTHELL for nothing!!!

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