Psychic Dr Adams (0789859893) / Committing Fraud

1 South Africa

I like to warn other people of South Africa about this so called Dr Adams with cellphone number [protected], they come as if they are assisting you and they make you believe they will help you, they keep on asking you to pay money so that you will get help. you can end pay thousands of Rands without seeing any difference in your life. You can find them in the wesite google but now you can't find them easily I don't know why, but if you type the number above then you will be able to see their details. You talk to them and later on the one you've talking to will switch off the number and you will end up talking to this so called fathers who are so rude when they are talking to other people. They have made me pay them more R 200 000.00 and they still want me to pay more.

Please be carefull good people.

Mar 20, 2013

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