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psychic advisor / scamming

1 CT, United States

I met those two ladies at a fine art show on the milford green in CT. I was an artisen there ( I create 1 of a kind nature spirits). Rochelle approached me with an off the cuff "psychic" reading. Told me that she saw money floating all around me and that I had a warrior in my life, but soon there would be a man of softness who would be there for me. With regard to money all around me...I said, is it flying out or in. She said "in of course"...I said, even tho my stocks are plummeting? (this was 2001)..she waved her hands and told me not to consider that. Long story short, she slowly sauntered off, in no hurry. Meanwhile, Bethea was there and said, "Ohhhhh...She is good, you should listen to her. Psychic as I am, I realized that Rochelle sauntered off slowly so I would stop her and ask her to elaborate. This is likely when she would present me with her "talismens" to help me achieve my great wealth. I knew not to do that. Shortly after, I somehow began getting her emails and instantly recognized her -- then along came Bethea a short while after. Although I do believe the talismen have potential, as they give a person a focus they might not have otherwise - their psychic ability is sketchy at best. It is so aparent to me that they are in it for the money they receive to re-sell the talismen. They do write a nifty form letter that is sent out to many, with the necessary dates changed...I'll give them that. Not a hard thing to do for a person with a knack for writing and zippo psychic abilities. Great good luck to those who trust them.

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