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PSPCA / Refused Assistance to Injured Stray

1 11765 Route 6 Wellsboro, PA 16901Wellsboro, PA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (570) 724-3687

I acquired a stray cat about a two weeks ago; although my lease agreement states that I cannot have indoor pets, I took this cat into my home during the cold evenings anyway, fed him, and most of all, cared for him. He was a very sweet and affectionate cat, well-mannered and always tolerant of my young daughter who thought it was fun to pet him while he was eating or occasionally pull his tail. We all grew attached to this wonderful animal, and then one night he came to my home looking for a meal, and I discovered that he had a broken left front leg. I waited anxiously for 11:30am the next morning so that I could take him to the closest PSPCA (which is a 45 minute drive from my home, minus a cat carrier. I improvised with a box.) Upon arrival there, I was told (in a very rude and uncompassionate manner) that there was no veterinarian available and that even if there were, they had no room for the cat.
When reading the PSPCA's website, it states very clearly that while they do no accept HEALTHY strays, any stray that is sick, injured, or a victim of animal cruely WILL BE ACCEPTED. Having a broken leg (in addition to what I believe was a cold and possibly ear mites as well) DOES NOT CONSTITUTE HEALTHY! Yet they turned this cat away with very little explanation and forced me to do the only humane thing I could; find a private vet to put this wonderful cat to sleep and pay an outrageous sum of money for the service which will result in my inability to make a car payment this month. I paid the bill because it was the only right thing left to do.
I find it difficult to believe that through many generous donations and volunteer services this organization not only could NOT assist a stray in need, but also FAIL to show any sympathy for the poor, suffering animal. What makes this whole story all the more terrible was the awful service and rude manners shown to me at arrival in the Wellsboro PSPCA office.
What a joke - - I only wish I could get ahold of a list of the PSPCA's benefactors to call them each individually and explain how well their funds are being used in the Wellsboro branch location.


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  • Kr
      21st of Nov, 2010
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    Google where Westfield, PA is, and you will see that these were not options. As much as I love animals, a five hour drive was not feasable. Also, it clearly states on the PSPCA website that the organization DOES ACCEPT INJURED STRAY ANIMALS. Thanks for your input.

  • Kr
      22nd of Nov, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Hi helpNu,
    For the record, if this was MY animal, he would have been living indoors, supervised carefully when outdoors, and would have been seen regularly by a vet that I trusted. This sad instance never would have even occured. All of my pets have always recieved the best training, food, and care that I can possibly provide them. I chose to feed this stray cat and let him indoors in the evenings when temperatures were below freezing outdoors - and I did this because the cat was obviously underweight and in need of assistance. Before the injury, I attempted to find out if the cat was simply a lost pet in my neighborhood, as he was very social, and clearly had been in contact with humans before - NOT "feral" as you say. If I had to guess, this cat was owned by someone at some point, but was never mine beyond a bit of dry food or a few hours of warmth that I offered. It would have been cruel to not offer these things. My mother spent several years working in veterinary medicine, so not only am I an avid "animal lover" but also know the dangers of taking on a stray animal. Yes, I paid the bill. I also know how much euthanasia solution costs-I will assure you, it isn't anywhere near the amount I paid for the service. At that point I was willing to do something good for the sake of preventing any further suffering for the poor cat. Are you the type of person who would have done what you recommended in your post towards me, and allowed the animal to starve and suffer? If so, I hope that you are always shown the same compassion that you show towards other living things. Thank you for your input, however misguided it may be.

  • Kr
      23rd of Nov, 2010
    -2 Votes

    Hello All,
    New development on the cat. After sending an email to the vet that I had taken the cat to, explaining my point of view, he replied saying that he felt that the cat had great personality, and had chosen instead to repair the broken leg, as well as give vaccines and other needed treatments before eventually finding him a permenent home. As of today he is on pain meds and cage rest. I was so thrilled to hear this! The amount I paid was a lot for euthanasia, but is miniscule when compared to the cost of treatment and placement which I could not have afforded. Interestingly enough, the vet SHARES MY OPINIONS our local PSPCA! I was suprised to hear that (this is a direct quote, by the way) "they used to help, but I don't know WHAT they do anymore." While at his request I will not disclose who this vet is, all I can say is you know it's bad when licensed veterinarians start forming negative opinions about the SPCA in their neighborhood.

    Yes. Vet school is expensive. I also took the cat in on a Sunday - another reason for the high pricing. However, I also know that on MULTIPLE occasions the vets my mother worked for would euthanize hurt strays FREE OF CHARGE. And by the way, a break in a cat's leg won't "just heal." It is extremely painful for the animal and depending on the severity of the break (fracture, dislocation, or complete break of the bone) can become detrimental to his or her health in the future if not treated in a timely manner. Putting it down was the right thing to do, but actually wasn't necessary since the vet was willing to perform surgery to repair the bone which was literally broken in two - it was not, in fact, a fracture after all and would not have "just healed" well on it's own. For someone who doesn't like cats, you don't seem like you even know enough about them to have decided such a thing. That's just my opinion of what you've posted, though.

    The cat was likely abandoned. Ignorant, uncompassionate people have been known to do this when they no longer wanted an animal. After seeing it for three days I chose to feed it while looking for possible, though unlikely, owners in the area - another fact mentioned in a previous post.

    The PSPCA had a responsibility (according to mission statement and policy) to do something for the cat. They did nothing. I've gathered several other dissatisfied customers from my area and surrounding areas in the past two days via social networking postings. Thank goodness for the vet who ended up coming through for the cat. This story has a happy ending, and I'm happy about that. However, I fully intend to continue my work making others aware of the negligence I was shown at the PSPCA over the next few weeks. I do want to be clear that this not my attitude towards any other SPCA organization, just the Wellsboro, PA PSCPA location. Most of these institutions exists to help animals in need and do just that at every opportunity. My experience, though not uncommon for that particular office, is not the "standard" everywhere else and I want to be crystal about that point. Thanks to all of you for your continued input.

  • An
      25th of Nov, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Why did you not contact second chance they are a local CAT rescue group. All the local people are always donating money to them for this need. I am sure they would have been able to help you with the cost also i believe they work with dr. Kregar.

  • Pe
      21st of Jul, 2011
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    IT's no damn excuse that the PSPCA do not provide Emergency Medical Care and Follow-up care. Either they are there to help the animals or not. Some poor folks just can't afford to pay the high outragious medical cost for care. But PSPCA pushes eveyone and anyone to give these wonderful animals a loving home. They nevr said when you adopt them, oh! By the way you will need an extra job to provide medical care for your animal. PLEASEEE let's not even mention thoses so call animal lovers at University Of Penn. Vet Hospital! You may need to sell your mother on a corner to pay for your animal medical care. The PSPCA pushes many poor citizens to these people. It's Great that the PSPCA provides a shelter for these animal and respond like cops to a home to get them...But, this service should be more. A better functional organization. Be first to show they can provide the Emergency and Post Care for the animal in their care and those they recieve. (P) for the state of Pennsylvania should be showing all those other animal clinic how to take care of the animals they are responsible for. I don't understand how a clinic can tell a animal hosital how to care for an animal correctly.

  • Sl
      13th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    It is an animal shelter and has no excuse for not providing medical assistance for am injured stray animal. What is the point of having an animal control if they cannot help animals in need. Even a high kill shelter will euthanize a hurt animal to stop a painful condition, or take it to a vet. The medication is seriously inexpensive, and is ten dollars per bottle. There is no reason to turn away a hurt animal and give attitude. The Aspca acts like it is caring, but it is as horrible as a high kill shelter. At least at a high kill shelter the animal is put out of its misery. May that horrible uncaring shelter be closed or taken over by a person with a soul and loves animals and their welfare!

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