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Providian/ SST Columbia trust / Deceptive/ in accuracies in Credit report by SST

1 United States

My husband opened this account in 9/2001, after having cancer and being unable to pay our medical bill we had to file bankputcy chapter 13. All of our creditor are recieving 100% of their money back but it is over 5 years. It has been 3 years now, we have been paying 100% on time and my husband and I are trying to buy a house FHA. FHA requires us to have all our accounts that are in bankruptcy to refect that in our credit report. I contact all 3 credit Bureaus about all our account. All companies complied with the fair credit act and reported our accounts with them as being in a chapter 13 EXCEPT SST/ Columbia Bank and Trust. For 3 years we have been writing letters, faxing, calling and even just filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commision (FTC). SST/ Columbia has been using deceptive methods on the reporting of this account. Every time we have complainted they would "LOOK" into it and since our first complaint 3 years ago, his credit report now show 3 accounts all opening on 9/2001 but with 1/2 account number on one, a 4 digit account number on another (part of the original account number), and the 3rd account number is the full original account number but they all have differnt dates of last activity(the date that we complained) this date is what the credit bureau uses to see how long an account stays on the credit report(7 years by the fair credit act) one account shows bankrupcy (which is right) but the date is this month 12/ it is hurting his credit score because it is a NEW late, even though it was closed in 4/2006 . Also FHA will not give a mortgage to anyone that has a late in the last once again I have to dispute this and it will take 30 more days...the other two accounts show collection /charge off and a 7/2010 and a rolling late on the other account...This is very decepitve and very inaccurate. We have called and faxed and everytime we get the same lady "Rendy???" she will not return our calls now and I have tried to find who her supervisor far no luck, but we are about to lose our home to another couple because this account is holding up our mortgage. HELP PLEASE if anyone knows anything we can do!!!


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