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There are (2) complaints. The first is the late fees on late payments, That has happened to me three times. One was legit, the other two were not, as the payments were sent in in plenty of time. I questioned that with Provident. They said I was late. I told them they have a problem with their payment routing, and demanded they remove the late fees. They would not.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Aurora, CO
Secondly, early this year the mortgage insurance was supposed to be removed from my loan. Provident refuses to remove it until I pay the late fees, which I will not. I asked them to "prove" my payments were late, including documentation. They said they will not.
I will be filing a HUD complaint against Provident.
With all the complaints against Provident, why do they still have a license to operate???????

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  • Pr
      Aug 26, 2011

    they are the worst excuse for a mortgage company ever. They completely screw over their brokers and clients as if there wasn't a choice. They bait and switch rates, hold files to bust locks, overcharge for incidentals, ask for impossible perfection in processing from their clients yet settle for the worst standards of customer service from their own people. they are horrible and should be avoided. I am qualified to say so, I have 15 years experience working with them (on and off, mostly off) in the industry. These people are snakes- stay very far away.

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  • Mr
      Jul 21, 2012

    Hello...did you ever resolve the problem? I have now had 2 incidents of late payments that weren't late but rather a matter (I believe) of their faulty processing. This month they called me to say they never received the mortgage payment and so I went and set up a bill pay with my bank and paid it the same day they called. Meanwhile they were busy processing the mailed payment that they claimed to have put a stop payment on!!! I woke up to a text message saying my checking was OVERDRAWN!!! Then when I went to call them, there's nobody there! It's Saturday! What?!?! Who in this day and age has no customer service on the weekend? I hate Provident with a passion. I sit here now not knowing what Monday will bring but I get the creeping feeling that I will have to threaten to sue them!!! And I will! I wonder why a lot of the folks on this message board haven't done the same? My gut tells me that they purposely and randomly process alleged late payments to collect on late fees. That is illegal.

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