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Proudparents2005 eBay Seller / Faulty Provocraft Cricut Imagine Machine

1 386 South. 671 West. Pleasent Grove. Utah. 84062Pleasant Grove, UT, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 00801-785-9979

I Purchased a Provocraft Cricut Imagine Machine form this Company on Ebay on the 27th November 2010 for a Total Price with Shipping £315.16. I also paid £45.26 Import Duty. The Machine arrived on 7/12/2010. After unpacking I started to set the Machine up, following the Instructions enclosed. The Cricut Imagine Machine would not Load The Cutting Mat no matter what I tried form the Troubleshooting and on Line Tips in the Manual. I inform the Ebay Seller Proudparents2005 who flatly refused to Replace my Faulty Cricut Imagine Machine or Refund my Money if I returned the Cricut Imagine Machine to them. They replied stating that I have a 1 year Manufacturers Warranty. I contacted Provocraft via thier Cricut Support. Only to be told that my 1 year Warranty was Invalid as it only applied to Cricut Imagine Machines purchased and kept in the United States and not for Buyers in the United Kingdom or Internationally. Proudparents2005 the Ebay Seller must have been aware of this Fact, yet do not State these Details they on thier Ebay Pages. So are Deceiving UK and International Buyers. Provocraft too, should stop these dishonest Ebay Sellers selling thier Cricut Products to unsuspecting UK and International Buyers who Buy thier Products on Ebay in good faith from being robbed of thier money. I even contacted Provocraft themselves by Email and Letter, but they too were not prepared to help me. I am a 74 year old Disabled Pensioner on a limited Budget and it took me some time to save the Money I paid for my Cricut Imagine Machine. To help me pass the time during the Winter Months when I cannot get out. Yet these unscrupulus Ebay Sellers have no conceince when they Rob me of my money. Surely something must be done to stop these Ebay Sellers and Provcraft themselves should shoulder some of the responsibility. By continuing to allow thier Approved Ebay Sellers deceiving Uk Ebay Buyers wwhen thier Cricut Machines are Faulty. Regards Edna Allen.

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