Protos Asset Management, Baarat least they try

Protos Asset Management doesn't really inspire any bit of trust. The first thing I thought about when I opened this website was: nahhhh that's a scam!
I actually don't care that the company is based in Switzerland (if you didn't know it's known for their strict laws in this field), as practice shows what they write on the website has often nothing to do with the reality.
However, they provided a very good information about each team member. Everything is understood, the photos are similar; with the same background. Nice to see this. It rarely happens.
No contacts. Just an email. Not exact address. Oberneuhofstrasse 6 and that's all, no room, no office. If they occupy the whole building, it should be acknowledged.
In general, I'm giving them 3 stars out of 5 for making some tries to seem to be legit.

Nov 21, 2018

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