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Protect Your Home with ADT / customer service

1 KY, United States Review updated:

2 years ago I had ADT come and install a security system. At that time, they lied to me about the pricing. The installer felt horrible and said that they would send me two $100 gift cards for my troubles. The first gift card came, but the second gift card did not ever come. I called Protect Your Home (which apparently is different from ADT...who knew?) and it took them 2 years for me to finally get someone who could issue me the second gift card. Keep in was 2 years it took them. Well, I accidentally lost the paper and finally found it just a week ago. I sent it in and little did I know (in the fine print) that it had to be mailed within 30 days to receive it. So, obviously it was returned to me. I just spend 45 minutes on the phone this morning with Protect Your Home and now they are telling me that since I waited longer than 30 days to mail it, I WILL NOT RECIEVE my $100 and there is NOTHING they can do about it. It took me 5 requests to get a supervisor to the first person and I finally had to say, "I'm sure your CEO wouldn't be happy that I've asked you 5 times to talk to your boss." After that, as you can imagine, her boss was also not very nice to me and again stated that they could do nothing to help me. I will now write the CEO of the company, Marsha Rabb, and hopefully get some sort of response. This is ridiculous. All I was asking for was another 30 days and I waited 2 YEARS!

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  • Rm
      30th of May, 2012
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    Had a similar situation in DE. The installation company conveniently waited longer than 30 days to send my certificate which was needed for the rebate. MPELL Solutions returned my rebate form stating it was late. After a long time on the phone - with ADT, the installer, and MPELL (who had a very mouthy CSR) I was told there was nothing that could be done. Was promised two $100 cards to compensate for the
    "FREE" equipment that cost $200 but didn't receive ANY!! Very disgusting particularly since the rebate situation occurred AFTER my cancellation period!

  • At
      14th of Aug, 2012
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    I am not a fan of Protect Your Home/Defender Direct. But when you call the install department, and ask for a manager, there is none there. It's not customer service you called, that is who you should have asked for.

    The people saying that those who have issues are just cry babies thatcould not do that job. Well I could do it, and was good at it. So please tell me how this is okay...
    My days changed last minute, as I was leaving, being told I had to come back in the next day, when I was off, and had plans.
    Marcia, the CEO, has a neice that is a manager, Hulm giving his kid a summer job, a VP that made two of his daughters managers, Marcia's ex husband was given a job where he just yells at poeple all day, a manager in one office his wife is a manager in another office. Hulm hiring his brother in law in, and pushing him to a higher level that those starting with him, then giving him perferd calls over everyone else. Seeing a trend?
    How about the person who was called at 10PM and told they were being transfered, and had to be 100 miles away for training by 8am the next day?
    The managers getting in trouble for routing the calls to their friends, and leaving other people hung out to dry.
    Making people pray before meetings.
    Changing someone's hours at 8pm the night before.
    Managers who had to have three different girls report them for sexaul harrasment before anything was done (they moved his desk)
    Forcing people to go to church.
    Dragging girls into the office, and then sending them out in tears.

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