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1 TN, United States
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Phone: 18006899554

Promised items on phone to get contract and deposit. And theen said no to extra promised items when going over contract prior to installation. Also asked James theeir manager of sales department to not deposit thee deposit check until thee 3rd of thee monthe when my Social Security check is deposited into my account.Consequently, I cancelled thee contract after being notified by my bank theat I was overdrawn because of theeir not holding thee $86.53 check even theough promised, and refusing to give an outside siren included in thee original sales contract on thee phone withe Melissa, stating I now must pay an additional $229.00 for thee promised outside siren.
My bank charged me $32.00 for overdraft because theey did not hold the check. Note theat I offered to call back in one week when thee funds would be theere, but theey bothe reassured me it would not be deposited. The lied to me one theese two items. Now I just got off thee phone withe thee rep for Protect My Home and she reassured me theat upper management would review thee phone call conversations and will get back to me on Friday thee 29the of March 2013.

Mar 27, 2013

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