ProSource Wireless LLC / I would sit on hold for long periods of time and was hung up on numerous times

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I placed an order totaling $399.95 for 3 Windows 7 inch Mini Netbook Black and 2 Android 7" 2.2 WIFI Touch Screen Tablet 2GB HD w/ Camera with ProSource Wireless on Friday, Nov. 25, 2011.

On Dec. 2, 2011 I started writing to the company on their website, requesting to cancel the order and refund my $399.95. I wrote and called for weeks, with no response. I would sit on hold for long periods of time and was hung up on numerous times, so I continued to try to call and write numerous times.

I received the package on Friday, Dec. 23, and I had left town for Christmas, so the package sat for one week until I returned on Sunday, Jan. 1, 2012. I returned the package as REFUSED: RETURN TO SENDER to ProSource Wireless on Tuesday, Jan. 3, which was my first opportunity due to the fact that it was received while I was out of town.

I now understand they had a policy of returning the package only with their authorization and before 7 days. I did not call for their authorization, although I had told them over and over and over to please not send the package. And I could not return it within 7 days because it was delivered while I was not at home.

They informed me on the phone on Tuesday, Jan. 24 that they did not accept the package since it was not sent back properly according to their policy. They informed me that I would have to call the post office to retrieve the package, which I did. BUT in the meantime, they sent me a cheap little tablet cover, which I did not order, USING THE SAME TRACKING NUMBER as the original $399.95 package and continuing to represent the new package as the original $399.95 computer order (I have their email), so when the post office tracked the package, they showed that it had been delivered on Jan. 27, 2012.

This was obviously a purely deceitful move on their part to confuse the issue regarding the return of the original $399.95 order since that tracking number would reveal that the order had been received by me. I have documentation of all correspondence with the company, including email, the packaging with the tracking number on it, and the bogus tablet cover that I did not order.


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