Proscan / Proscan 32in flat screen tv / faulty product

1 Cincinnati, OH, United States

Sadly I know this is much too late, but my husband and I received a proscan tv as a wedding gift oct 31, 2014. After finally opening it and plugging it in about a week later, it seemed to work fine, but we didn't really know how to work it and so we turned it off for the night and went to bed. The very next day we tried to turn it on and it has never turned on since, it just constantly remains on the red standby light. We tried everything for about a week, unplugging, holding buttons, nothing worked. And of course we didnt get a receipt with the gift so we could not trade it in. My husband just figured we should cut our loss and trash it. I was pretty upset, a brand new tv that worked for only a few minutes. Well here I am a year later, still no tv and crazy enough, we still have it, its just been sitting in our living room by our one wall. So this tv has been unplugged for a year, and it still does not work. Go figure. But anyways, that is my complaint. This product is beyond faulty if you cant even enjoy it one single day. I do hope this helps prevent anyone else from wasting their money or getting anyone else's hopes up. And sadly I do not know where this product was purchased from, just that I live in cincinnati ohio and it would have been purchased from around here, or so I am guessing.

Jan 02, 2016

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