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Property Solutions Specialists, Inc / Fraud and Misleading Sales Tactics

1 700 S. Royal Poinciana BoulevardMiami, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 888-273-8205

The Company told me I would NOT have to file bankruptcy to stop my foreclosure. They said I wouldn't pay the mortgage company for 12 months up to 24 months. Instead I would pay them and they will negotiate with the mortgage company. They also said I wouldn't have to pay taxes, insurance or HOA (I know this to be a lie., I am being sued by the HOA for non-payments, I think the county will come after you if you don’t pay your taxes. And your insurance will drop you if you don’t pay them).

After I sign up for them, they tell me I need to either hire their Lawyer or hire my own. (WHAT?? Why would I hire a Lawyer, I hired them). So I agreed to hire "National Law Firm" out of Miami. I was assigned to Jeffery P Kaiser as my attorney. It also seemed they didn't give all my papers to National Law Firm because they kept asking me for stuff I already signed.

I hired them 3 1/2 weeks before my foreclosure date. They said they "filed the necessary paperwork to stop my foreclosure" The day of the auction, they called me to say I needed to go file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. I didn't know what to do, the auction was in a couple of hours. I agreed to this against my better judgment. They finally got me the paperwork I needed at 11:40am, when the auction was at 12pm. I rushed to the court house with a minute to spare (literally).

Filling BK13 was probably one of the worst decisions I have ever made. The first thing to happen was my credit cards got shut off. The next thing was a flood of paperwork from the BK office arriving every day and threatening looking leagal papers from every company I owe money to.

Mr. Kaiser was really good the first 2 days of my BK, answering his phone and my questions. Then he cut me loose. I haven't spoken to him in over 3 weeks. He won't return my phone calls, I leave him urgent messages, and he doesn't respond. I am on my own for figuring out how to deal with my BK13. His office said they needed an auth form from me to speak to the banks, I know I have MCrisis that in my packet. So they asked if they could fax me something. I said OK. 24 hours go by, I didn't get it. So I called again, they said they would fax it right over. 24 hours again go by. So this time I just wrote my own auth letter and faxed it to them. This was over 4 weeks after I signed up for their service (they obviously hadn't spoken a word to the mortage companies yet).

I called Mortgage Crisis Solutions a lot and all they told me is it's out of their hands I should deal with National Law firm.

I finally got a phone call (after threatening MCrisis Solutions with legal action) from a paralegal at National Law Firm. This poor guy had just started his new job athat day and was thrown who knows how many cases to handle.

I had a meeting with the State Trustee today, he was the most helpful person I've dealt with thus far.

He believes Mortgage Crisis Solutions is a scam. I believe him now too. I paid them $2500 to stop my foreclosure which all they did was advise me to file for Bankruptcy... I have since paid them $500 more. As of today they haven't even attempted to contact my mortgage company to try and negotiate anything.

Oh, the best part, the State Bar Association in FL says Jeffrey P Kaiser is not eligible to practice law in FL. Read here -

Furthermore, Mr Kaiser was disciplined a year ago for doing exactly what he did to me. Not following up in a reasonable time read here -

I am attempting to get a refund of any sorts from these crooks. I will probably dismiss my BK and let the house go up for auction. I will take my chances with the banks.

I suggest you look elsewhere to help stop a foreclosure. Talk to you bank. They will probably be willing to lower your interest rate if you miss a couple of payments.

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