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when i moved into the property i was given broken promises that various things with house would be fixed-like the back wall that was rotted out and had to be replaced so i had no inside wall with no instulation. the electric kept blinking off and on, the mold in the basement was to be removed and the house needed to be jacked up. none of this happened so me and my kids had to move. i gave a 14day to ask to have the items fixed he never responded and then took me to court and the judge roma mcelwa never listened to me she took his side-for me to find out after court that her and the owner are good friends. this company is a ripe off and they are not christians. they hire excons that stil live in the carver center which is a half way house for criminals and i was told that i had to give these people access to my home-some of the persons working for them i would see pan handling on the side of the street. this company needs to be shut down.

Feb 03, 2015

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