Promo Shop Inc. / non-payment for service rendered

1 Ontario, CA, United States

I am the operations manager for GK Logistics. Just after 08:30 on 10/19/11, i received a call from a female at Promo Shop Inc requesting a courier to recover two envelopes from FedEx in Ontario CA and deliver them to Promo Shop in Los Angeles by noon. I agreed to invoice them for the job, a price was quoted, and a driver dispatched. The envelopes were recovered in approximately 30 minutes and delivered within the hour, before noon. Subsequently, our invoice was ignored, with no communication from Promo Shop. Upon my contacting them, i was told that nobody knew who requested the service, and that a purchase order was required for payment, something that i was not told when the original call was made. Subsequent emails reiterated refusal to pay, on the authority of Promo Shop's CFO, Jim Buescher. I wonder how many other vendors have been screwed by this convenient tactic..?
We are not responsible for Promo Shop employees failing to follow their own internal procedure. We were asked to perform a service on very short notice, which we did; we expect to be paid for that service.
Attached below is the actual delivery ticket, with times and signature, for which we have not been paid as of 3/25/12.

Promo Shop Inc.

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