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Help! Need these wonderful pens to do a workshop on 2019 Bold Envisions ( a vision board activity) I had planned to conduct this workshop for women and these pens are a great token I thought the ladies would love...also the MEGA BOLD on the cap would remind them to dream MEGA! B.O.L.D. is the acronym for "Best of Life Desired".
Earlier, I put if off a similar forum because, the pens were not in stock. I ordered them and when I went to pick them up at your store in Riverdale, MD they were not there...bummer! I saw the box but no pens, they had put out all of the merchandise..When I called your customer service number I was informed that they were not in stock even though they were on your website for ordering. Presently, I did open up the case of pens I ordered (I received the order in July) and used a few only to find out that after a few uses the caps won't stay on! The caps would start to show slight fission and some even broke off...Do you know what happens to gel ink pens when the cap comes off in your purse? Yes ink stains everywhere! I opened a few other packages, thinking maybe it's just this one. No, all the ones I opened were like that. What am I to do, the workshop is in December, envisioning a new year with their bold defective pens. I absolutely love the product (whenever I would loan it to someone they always wanted to keep it) and never had this problem before, what should I do? I refuse to give the ladies a defective product, to start the new year????It would make for a poor reflection on me and my brand.

Oct 23, 2018

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