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Projector Export / Bait & switch

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I wanted a new TV. Their site said in stock and On Sale!! I ordered and then I got an email saying to call for confirmation. I did. The TV I ordered was now OUT OF STOCK! But they had a new model just out and it was only $100 more and was better than the one I ordered. Tried to get me to buy a lower model!!! NOT A NEWER, BETTER MODEL, for MORE MONEY!!


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  • Jo
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    This place is the biggest Rip off going. The state of NY should shut them down. I ordered a sony BR4 and they called me back and told me it was a discontinued model and i would have to wait over 6 weeks foir delivery then he said for $100. more he would get me a better model that they were selling for $3.600. He could get it to me by friday. He would give me cables. he also said it was Sony KDL52 W4100PK no where could i find such a model .
    He told me it stood for profesional Model. Lies, and more lies. I cancelled it the next day and he went bonkers. He hollered and swore at me. He told me he was going to charge me a heavy fee for cancelling . He also said he would give me 5 year warranty and also surge protector. Well i got it. They did not ship it out untill thursday. After a lot of e mails and complaints. I did not receive it untill the following Tuesday. I was away. My neighbor accepted it. When i got home and opened it. I could not turn it on .
    all the top bottons would not work. I was overcharged for this product . and it was not the one i wanted. he baited me and switched. I think we should all get together and do a legal action on this co.

  • Ji
      22nd of Aug, 2008
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    I ordered a Panasonic TV on line and when I submitted the order it said to call their sales number. The salesman told me I needed to buy an extended service plan, I refused, he than said I needed special cables to make the TV work, he than insisted that if I did not upgrade to a better shipping I would not receive the TV for at least 21 days. The web site shows the item will ship in 2-3 business days, that was over two weeks ago and I still have no tracking number and the item has not posted to my credit card. I don't believe that I will ever see this television, THEY ARE A BUNCH OF SCAMMERS and the State Consumers Affairs office should shut them down.

  • Bi
      28th of Aug, 2008
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    waiting for a credit since march, i can't get any useful information from projector export. these people need to be taken down, maybe a class action complaint of some sort. does anyone have an address for this company? I am going to take legeal action very soon.

  • Ke
      8th of Oct, 2008
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    Same issues as stated above. Customer service is truely awful. The company got me with the bait, KDL-40XBR4, then called immediately after I placed my internet order and talked me into a KDL-40W4100PK. The problem is that there is no such thing as a PK with the KDL-40W4100. Stay away from this internet site at all costs. You will pay more for a TV then offered at other sites, and all you'll get is dead time on the phone when trying to confirm anything with the company. The only time they really discussed anything with me was when I attempted to cancell my order, and then they got "snippy". Don't make the same mistake I did...Don't buy from these people!!!

  • Ch
      11th of Oct, 2008
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    This website is a ripoff company, I ordered tv and got the same trick to call confirm order when I called they told other tv is better and tried to sell other brand to me. I found a lot of compliant of this website and called to cancel order next day. They post a charge on my credit card for 2 months and lied to me they cancel the order, I have to requsted credit card company to investigate of this company and credit card company refund to my account this month. The company address is 417 Fifth Avenue New York NY 10016 if any one want to take legal action of this company .

  • Cb
      12th of Oct, 2008
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    Same experience as those expressed here.
    Bait and switch, terrible customer service, on and on.
    Don't bother.

  • Ri
      29th of Oct, 2008
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    Same story here bad experience with Ordered a tv and was out of stock when I called to confirm order so I canceled my order. Hopefully they won't charge my credit card in the following months without my knowledge. If they do this means war.

  • Je
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    I am in the middle of being ripped off by this company and my latest call was answered by a completely different answering machine. I am so upset i am sick to my stomach. do not buy from this company (although today they apparently have changed there name.)

  • Ra
      1st of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    same here. They lied to be and told me the Sharp 46 in LCD TV was brand new. It's not! It's a refurbished TV with a 30 day warranty! From the day of purchase, so after taking two weeks to get here I had all of two weeks warranty! I tried to send it back, they wont even answer my e mails or calls. I have a dispute with my creditcard. Do yourself a favor, AVOID THIS RIP OFF COMPANY!

  • Bi
      7th of Jun, 2009
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    I called the fraudsters to order a Sony Bravia, and I let "Jimmy" talk me into an LG52LBXPK (LCD 52" 1080p 20, 000"1 contrast ratio) instead. He said the LG came with some BS "pro kit" with a higher contrast ratio, but I never could find ANY info on a "pro kit" on LG's web site. After reading the reviews all over the place I don't think they even had the Sony. I had gone to a local store to see the LG TV before I bought it. The picture was great, but this morning the TV went out (6-7-2009). There seems to be a power supply problem. I tried to go to their web site, and apparently, their BS has caught up with them. They seem to be shut down. I looked for emails regarding my transaction, and I have them. I don't know if I have a factory warranty left since it's been over a year, but I'm thankful that I didn't purchase an additional warranty through them. Right now I'm concerned that LG wouldn't honor the manufacturer's warranty anyway (if it is still in tact) because there is absolutely NO WAY these assclowns were an authorized dealer.

    I will say that I've been very happy with the TV itself, but the experience was horrible. They did deliver it to me within a few days after they stated they would. However, their method of shipping seemed as crooked as me buying the TV out of the back of a truck on the side of the road.

    It looks now as if I'll be paying repairs out of my pocket, and I could probably buy a new TV for what the repairs will be. I wish the Pioneer Elite plasmas at that size were within my range of price, but alas, they're not in this economy. If I were to buy a new LCD then I'd go Samsung. Every single one I've seen has an INCREDIBLE picture. If I ever buy online again, it will be at a more reputable site like Tiger Direct. However, I'm more inclined to go into a Best Buy to make a purchase no matter the increase in cost.

    I hate that some of you got really ripped off compared to my bad experience. People who run such shady operations should be hung up by their noses.

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