Progressiverobert gleason - agent immoral and unethical behavior

I work with Champion Mortgage Company as a HUD Assignment Claims Specialist. I had a homeowner whose account needed an updated declaration page for their file to be submitted to HUD. I faxed a request into Mr. Gleasons office, as he was the agent we had on file.
At 12:06 my time on 4/27/2017, Robert Gleason Called me in regard to the fax because I had left a voicemail to confirm receipt. Instead of helping me or working through the information, He used Profanity such as the F word and then calling me a "twit." When I told him I would have to ask him to stop using that language or I would disconnect his call, he then told me to "Suck his D*ck."

I would appreciate he be reprimanded accordingly or at least made to formally apologize. That is in no way how an agent should treat a mortgagee for one of his Homeowner's accounts.

Apr 28, 2017

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