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So, I called three times prior to my address, I spoke with my agent and several customer services . It still took over a month to get done. Now while I was updating my address I was also filing complaints on my current agent for poor customer service and maltreatment. Nothing was done. Justin the agent I complained about REFUSED to change or update my policy. on 9/12/17 I was in a hit and run accident. Justin called me later that week and was beyond disrespectful, he called me and asked what I was doing to get in an accident. When I mentioned I was actually inside Justin was still was rude saying that filing a claim would not be the best decision to make. Justin also asked me if I was competent in understanding how a claim works. I mentioned, this is not my first insurance company or inference. After filing a claim anyway underwriting needed information from me, Justin called me on October 3rd, and told me I needed to call them because it was getting on his nerves to keep calling me. I informed him this information had already been updated. I asked him to change his tone. Justin proceeded to curse at me 3 times on this phone call and also called me incompetent. Now also this is a reminder I had already filed four complaints and asked him and customer service to switch my insurance agent. Nothing was done in either instance. I have tried contacting corporate and his immediate supervisor and neither has given me a response. I would appreciate if I received any notification as a response whether it be via email : .[protected] or phone: [removed]

I have phone records to verify my first 4 complaints were ignored I listed the agents contact information below. JMS INC AUTO [protected] [protected]@VT.EDU

Oct 19, 2017

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